The Beauty of Pink Beach East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

The islands in Indonesia do have a very extraordinary aesthetic. One of the islands that has always been targeted by tourists is Lombok Island. The aesthetics of this island is already well known among the people, even to foreign countries. One of the aesthetics that is highly adored by tourists is Pink Beach. Therefore we will discuss about pink beach east nusa tenggara indonesia.

This exotic beach is located in the East Lombok area. This tourist spot is also very beautiful and has its own uniqueness so that many tourists often vacation here. Even because of its beauty, this beach is often informed and talked about by many people.

The Beauty of Pink Beach East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia

There is information that can be unearthed from this attraction. Many people also want to be clearer about information about the tourist attraction before deciding to take a vacation there. Here is some information you should know about Pink Beach which is a leading marine tourism in Lombok.

Attractions of Tangsi Beach Lombok

As a natural attraction that is famous among tourists, especially beach admirers, this area certainly has several advantages so that many tourists like it. Here are some of the attractive energies that this tourist area has.

1.     Pink Sand

As the name implies, there is one part of this beach that is pink. This is true because one part of the beach is sand that has a pink or pink color. The pink color of this sand will be very clearly visible when the waves have swept across the beach. The sand on this beach is also very soft and suitable for sunbathing.

The origin of the color of the sand in this tourist spot is still not known exactly the cause. There are some people who have an opinion that this pink color comes from red corals that have broken and died. You can find those shards on this shore.

There are also other opinions that indicate the origin of this sand pink color. Many suspect that this is the cause of the impact of foraminifera which is a microscopic animal that can produce red or pink color on coral reefs.

2.     Sunset Aesthetics

One of the most awaited events by tourists is at sunset. This will be even more beautiful when you see it from the beach because the scenery will be more clearly visible. Therefore, there are also many tourists who flood Tangsi Beach when the afternoon has arrived to see the moment.

3.     Amazing Underwater View

The aesthetics of the underwater nature of pink beach can not be doubted. You will naturally blush after seeing it. There is a variety of coral reefs and other aquatic creatures that are very interesting to see. There are 1000 types of fish, 20 types of spong, and 260 types of coral reefs that live in this tourist spot.

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If you come to this tourist spot then you must try to dive so that you can see the aesthetics of this nautical bottom. The water in this natural attraction is also so clear. Therefore, various types of coral reefs, fish and other marine life can live comfortably on this beach.

Thus the explanation of this article which discusses the beauty of the pink beach of east nusa tenggara Indonesia with the explanation above hopefully useful and knowing the attractiveness of the pink beach.

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