Visit, Famous Attractions in Ponorogo!

Ponorogo is one of the regencies in East Java, talking about this place, of course, you are familiar with this world-renowned culture, right? Yes, that’s right, one of the original distinctive cultures from the Indonesian place is Reog Ponorogo. Not only that, ponorogo tourism is also well known to local and foreign tourists.

It had become a hot topic of discussion in the world because the art of this place was once occupied by the Lan State, but furthermore, the property rights of this culture were originally from Indonesia and not from neighboring countries that plagiarized. Formally becoming an original culture passed down through generations by ancestors, this art began to rise again among the people.

Visit, Famous Attractions in Ponorogo!

Not only famous for its Reog Ponorogo, it turns out that Ponorogo regency has many interesting tourist attractions that can be visited. Most of the ponorogo area which is a place of mountains and hills makes most of the existing tourism is natural tourism.

Ponorogo tourism is likely not so booming among foreign tourists and moreover tourists in the country, but you need to know as reference material and consideration for the vacation that will stop by.

Curious about what are the tours in this district? In this article, we will provide additional ponorogo tours that you can visit either with friends, or together with family.

1. Mount Bayangkaki Ponorogo

This mountain is the first famous tourist spot in Ponorogo that you must visit when you are in Ponorogo, East Java. This tour will be very suitable for those of you who have a hobby of traveling to climb mountains. It has four peaks, namely the peak of ijo peak, tuo peak, tumpak peak, and barrel peak. From these four peaks you will enjoy a very extraordinary aesthetic of nature.

2. Mount Pringgitan Ponorogo

Located in Slahung district, Ponorogo regency, East Java. This will provide extraordinary beauty that will spoil your eyes when you are at its peak. The extraordinary view from the top of the mountain at night when looking down will make you fascinated. By the aesthetics of the flickering scenery of the lights from the city of Ponorogo.

Meanwhile, when tapping up or towards the sky you will be presented with a very charming view of the stars. Of course, the view from the top of the pundcak mountain. Which will show the natural charm of Ponorogo which is charming and makes you forget about this tour in Ponorogo. Of course, make sure you use thick sandals that can keep your body temperature warm.

3. Mount Gajah Ponorogo

Located in Sambit district, Ponorogo Regency, East Java, has an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. The top of this mountain is not difficult to reach, aka very easy.

To get to the top of the mountain, a small path has been provided for travel access. And moreover, this path can be traversed by motorcycles. This Ponorogo tourist spot will be very beautiful when you find sunny weather. After spending the night in the mountaintop area, you can see a very charming sunrise view seen from a height.

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The sun felt so close to its light reflecting brightly in orange. This scenery will make you really fall in love with the natural charm. Of the night attractions in Ponorogo which are very charming.

Those are some reviews about Ponorogo tourism that must be visited. And don’t miss to visit some of the places that have been described above and thank you.

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