10 Popular Hiking Mountains in Indonesia

Popular Hiking Mountains – Social distancing movements that we have been living for the past almost 2 months undoubtedly make you miss nature very much. Maybe, you also thought about planning a hike to the mountains to try new things after the pandemic ends later. But you may be curious: where is the ideal hiking site for us to try huh?

To make it easier for you to consider which mountain is the hiking site that you will try to finish the coronavirus pandemic ends, has compiled a list of 10 popular hiking spots in Indonesia. Some on this list are friendly for beginners, so you don’t need to be afraid to try to go up the mountain!

10 Popular Hiking Mountains in Indonesia

Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru is the highest mountain on the island of Java, and arguably the most popular in Indonesia, of course, thanks to the novel and film “five cm”. This mountain was even raised by God 19 into a song called “Mahameru”, you know.

The movie “5 cm” is indeed really lifting this mountain into a famous hiking spot for both mountain lovers and beginners. But keep in mind for those of you who are just about to go up the mountain for the first time, Semeru is quite difficult to climb especially if you want to go to the top. Some climbers especially beginners generally stop at Ranu Kumbolo, a lake and the most famous camp site on this mountain.

Mount Gede

The location of Mount Gede in West Java makes this mountain a very popular hiking spot for mountain lovers in Jakarta and West Java. Moreover, the scenery on this mountain is very beautiful, especially in Suryakencana Square, a savanna field decorated with magical edelweiss flowers.

Because the terrain is not able to be said to be light, it is highly recommended to climb Mount Gede using a guide if you are a beginner, or with friends who have often climbed Mount Gede before.

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is arguably the easiest mountain climbe among the other mountains on this list. Understandably, most of the traveling is indee able to be reache using jeep four-wheele vehicles, and the rest is a collection of climbs on the sand and stairs to the lip of bromo caldera.

The majority of travelers visit Mount Bromo to see the sunrise and go after hiking to the top of Mount Bromo. Even so, you can also stay overnight or camp on Mount Bromo for a more exciting and outdate experience above Bromo.

Mount Ijen

The mountain is more famous for its unique crater is on the rise in recent years. Yup, thanks to the existence of Ijen Crater tourism which is popular with its blue barah, the number of tourists who come and hike to Mount Ijen continues to grow in number.

Climbing to the top of Ijen Crater is also nisbi nir too difficult to use a travel break of about three km and when travele approximately two hours. Even so, make sure you prepare physically in advance before climbing this mountain!

Popular Hiking Mountains: Mount Prau

Mount Prau is famous for being one of the mountains where hiking is suitable for beginner climbers. This is because Mount Prau is indee not too high (2,565 meters above sea level) but has a view that is no less beautiful using mountains higher than it.

Moreover, Mount Prau is locate perfectly near the Dieng Plateau. Which is also one of the prima donnas of natural tourism in Central Java. Oh, base on the peak of Prau, you are able to receive the view of Mount Sumbing. And Mount Sindoro you Indonesia know!

Cleft Mountain

The third highest mountain on the island of Java. Mount Sumbing is an option for mountain lovers in Central Java who want a more challenging climb than Mount Prau. The travel time to zenit is relatively outdate, about 8-9 hours.

Even so, the natural beauty displaye in zenit will pay for your fatigue after hours of climbing.

Mount Papandayan

Like Mount Prau, Mount Papandayan is also a mountain that is known to be a hiking spot for beginner climbers. With a height that is not much different using Prau. The hiking trail in Papandayan can be said not as heavy as other mountains on this list.

Even so, don’t underestimate the charm of the scenery offere by Papandayan, especially the iconic Dead Forest. Guarantee to make beginner climbers addicte to hiking up the mountain again.

Mount Rinjani

Out according to Java Island, Mount Rinjani is locate on the island of Lombok. And is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The most famous part of Rinjani is of course the beautiful scenery. Which gives the sensation of being out of sync compare to the scenery on other mountains.

Sstt.. Together with Mount Batur, Mount Sewu, and Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Earth Park. Rinjani is include in the UNESCO Global Geoparks list, you know. As an extraordinary geological site that is very important to maintain.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur is an active volcano on the island of Bali. And is one of the favorite natural tourist attractions of tourists in Bali. This mountain as a hiking spot is ideal for tourists who want to see the natural aesthetics of Bali in addition to the beach.

Mount Merbabu

Mount Merbabu is one of the mountains with a very challenging climb on this list because it is famous for using minimal water origin. Therefore, for those of you who are intereste in climbing Mount Merbabu. It is highly recommende to prepare relative supplies, especially drinking water, before climbing.

The path to the top of Mount Merbabu is also quite challenging. Especially if you have to pass through the narrow and very steep Devil’s Bridge. So, make sure you go home using a friend or guide who has been very familiar with this mountain track, yes! Intereste in going up the mountain for the first time? Use a Guide or Join a Tour Package, Only

If you are intereste in climbing some mountains at the top but still doubt because you have never climbe the mountain before. Strongly recommend you find a professional guide or follow a tour package.

Because, every tour package generally includes guides, porters, round-trip transportation. To various camping equipment including tents, large meals, to first aid kits. So, you don’t need to fret anymore about having to bring anything, just bring your personal needs during the trip.

This will certainly make it easier for those of you who are beginners to try to climb the mountain. Or if you are intereste in going with your family for a vacation that is not the same. Joining a tour is also a beautiful inspiration!

This is the article about popular hiking mountains. Hopefully, this article can add to the list for your next tour. Which is your favorite?

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