The Beauty of Prambanan Temple Located in Central Java

Enjoying vacation time, you can visit new places and tourist locations that will certainly be very exciting. Now for those of you who like historical tourism, then there is nothing wrong if you just buy a plane ticket to fly to Central Java and visit the tourist attractions of Prambanan Temple. This temple is in Central Java if you are intereste in visiting and want to know the place then there is nothing wrong if you visit Prambanan Temple.

There are so many things that you can find if you visit prambanan temple, this one tourist location is located in the Sleman regency of Central Java. Therefore, on this occasion we will review a little about Prambanan Temple that you must visit while in Central Java.

The Beauty of Prambanan Temple Located in Central Java

Location of Prambanan Temple Attractions

To be able to enjoy the aesthetics and also the splendor of this prambanan temple tourist attraction, you can just visit Central Java Province. Did you know if it turns out that this tourist attraction is located on the border of Klaten or more precisely located in the village of Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Central Java.

One attraction is very crowde with various tourists every day, and its visits will continue to increase when the holiday season arrives. You will feel a different sensation if you visit this one tourist attraction. So it’s not surprising that many foreign tourists also like this historical tour.

It can also be said that this prambanan temple tourist attraction is locate about 17 kilometers from Yogyakarta and is locate in the administrative area of Tlogo village, Prambanan. Guaranteed you will be easy to find this one tourist location.

Exoticism of Prambanan Temple

Did you know that there are so many aesthetics that you can see in this this one tour. In addition to the splendor of its architecture that still stands firmly, you will also find other things that you cannot get in other places, namely in terms of views or also the surrounding scenery that can hypnotize you. You can enjoy the exotic sunset at prambanan temple when it is approaching the afternoon.

In addition to enjoying the very beautiful sunset, you can also later walk around this place or temple complex, because there is also a green garden fille with flowers, and also make sure if you don’t forget to buy some souvenirs sold in this prambanan temple area.

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Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

To be able to enjoy the aesthetics and also the splendor of this this one tour, you don’t need to worry, because the entrance ticket that you can pay later is very cheap and also affordable. You only need to pay the entrance ticket price of approximately Rp.15,000 per person. But you will be charge extra if you bring a camera to shoot.

You can visit this one tourist attraction in the morning, because this one tourist attraction is open from 08:00 WIB until the afternoon. But there is nothing wrong if you can visit at 16:00 WIB so that you don’t miss out on being able to enjoy the aesthetics of the sunset and also book cheap hotels in Jogja near Prambanan. Those are some reviews that discuss the beauty of Prambanan Temple with this article review hopefully useful and can be use as a guide if you want to take a walk to this temple.

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