Pulau Dua Tambrauw, a Beautiful Exotic Island That Spoils the Eyes

Pulau Dua Tambrauw is an island tour located far east of Indonesia, namely in West Papua Province. Directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean to the north, this pair of islands is also known to the surrounding community by other names, namely the islands of Amsterdam and Meossu. If you visit this island, be prepare to take a fairly difficult trip. Tour Fee starts at IDR 100,000, Operating Hours: 24 Hours, Address: Werbes District, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua;

Especially if you visit from the big islands in the western region of Indonesia. The reason is, you are not only oblige to travel by air to reach Sorong, the nearest city from Tambrauw, you also need to travel by sea or land, then travel by sea again to reach the location of Pulau Dua Tambrauw.

Pulau Dua Tambrauw, a Beautiful Exotic Island That Spoils the Eyes

His exoticism is indeed very worthy of thumbs up. Not only that, along the way to Island Two you will be presente with various ‘unique’ things that you will not encounter in other tours. Of course, this is because the terrain is not easy to reach. The forest on the right-left, minimal lighting, and the unavailability of accommodation close to the island make your adventurous spirit even more soaring!

1.      Beautiful Beach

The beauty of the beaches on this island cannot be underestimate. Although not as famous as Raja Ampat which is still located in the same province. The expanse of white sand is not too wide, but that does not mean you cannot relax comfortably on the beach.

2.      Unspoiled Beach

With the limited facilities available and access that includes difficult to get to this island, the naturalness of Pulau Dua Tambrauw is still very maintaine. Rarely found garbage scattered on the beach. Therefore, it feels tired during the trip to this island will pay off.

3.      Clear and Blue-Looking Sea Water from a Distance

Beautiful color gradation; that is from the light brown color of beach sand, turquoise, and getting older to the middle of the sea so spoil the eyes of every island visitor. The ocean waves tend to be calm, so you don’t have to worry if you want to just swim casually by the beach.

4.      It is said that this island is an uninhabite island

Although there are no sources who state clearly discuss this matter, some sources say that the beautiful island in Tambrauw is an uninhabited island. This is because the indigenous people of Pulau Dua were evacuate to Biak because of the frequent arme conflicts in the region.

5.      The Beauty of the Sea That Makes You Cluck in Awe

If you are a lover of diving sports, you can do it on this island as well. However, you need to bring your own equipment because on this island there is no rental of tools for diving.

Similarly, if you are eyeing the beauty of the sea that borders directly with the Pacific Ocean with your snorkeling glasses. The beauty of the sea in the waters around this island makes this spot worthy of being use as a snorkeling spot in the West Papua area. Gosh… Very interesting isn’t it. Come on, hurry to include Pulau Dua Tambrauw in your list of vacation destinations.

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