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Ambon-Pulau Pombo Recreation Park

Ambon-Pulau Pombo Recreation Park

Ambon, Pulau Pombo, Ambon-Pulau Pombo Recreation Park, Taman Wisata Alam,
Longitude (DD) 128.59344713
Latitude (DD) -3.65515646
Designation Recreation Park
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1973
IUCN Category V
Documented Total Area (ha) 998
GIS Total Area (ha) 1723
Site Governance Government Managed Protected Areas
From a distance it looked very pualu small. Our boat continued to rumble quietly pushed back the waves. Destination closer, but the island still does not show greatness. Just look up above the trees that stretch of white sand modest extent.

In front of me, framed paintings of natural pamandangan Creator’s work. Degradation of coastal colors that surround the island dwarf, the fish also seemed to dance among the rocks that spread, while above, the birds chase each other to challenge the wind. What a perfect harmonization of nature, the soothing view of the eye and the heart.

Finally our wooden boat had reached the beach. We’ve got Pombo Island, uninhabited island mute.

Because there is no dock on the island, the ship could not dock perfectly. Some ABK only tied to the mast of a ship in the plant at the island’s lips. I rushed down and plunged my feet into the beach, cool tersasa after half an hour of sunbathing on the ship there is no roof.

Pombo Island is located about 5 km from the eastern island of Ambon, the extent of not more than 4 km2. Besides the island there are two islands that were located more dwarf nearby. If the sea water was receding, almost three islands together.

By the Government of Maluku Province, Pombo made a protected conservation land. Until now, the island is not permitted for the occupancy by permanent residents. There are some plants developed there, making it increasingly small island green.


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