Recommended Tourist Spots in Raja Ampat Diving

Indonesia is famous for its natural aesthetics. Moreover, the British media included Indonesia as the most beautiful country in the world with the most and best natural panoramas. Not only mountains and beaches, indonesia’s underwater aesthetics are also considered worldwide. Including the underwater aesthetics which is a diving spot in Raja Ampat. Therefore, there are interesting places that can be used as diving places, therefore we recommend raja ampat diving.

Raja Ampat has become a world marine tourism destination thanks to the extraordinary aesthetics of the underwater heavenly panorama. Raja Ampat is called one of the best diving destinations targeted by world divers because it is known for its beauty. We recommend raja ampat diving is an interesting place if visited. Here are the 5 best diving spots in Raja Ampat that you must visit.

Recommended Tourist Spots In Raja Ampat Diving

1. Dampier Strait

Dampier Strait is the first recommended diving spot in Raja Ampat. It can be said that the Dampier Strait is the best diving spot in this one tour Papua which is very suitable for divers for beginners. Because the Dampier Strait has a current that is not very strong and tends to be conducive to exploration.

This this one tour offers a very beautiful underwater view. Plus, we’ll also meet and swim with hundreds of fish while exploring the charming underwater caves.

2. Cross Wreck

Looking for an experience that’s challenging, but still exciting and makes you forget the land? Cross Wreck is one of the this one tour that must be visited. When diving, we will not only be greeted with a wide variety of beautiful marine life. But also the wreck of a World War II Japanese ship that sank there. Far from being spooky, because we were able to explore this historic ship accompanied by a wide variety of fish living in the vicinity.

3. Misool Island

Next is Misool Island, which is a diving spot in Raja Ampat which is already famous for its paradise of marine life. Call it a “paradise of marine life” on Misool Island is not without reason.  One of the most popular this one tour is part of the world’s coral triangle. So, it’s no wonder that Misool Island is the “Home” for various types of fish, turtles, and coral reefs.

4. Cape Kri

Tanjung Kri is a recommendation for the best diving spots in Raja Ampat which has successfully become the target of world divers. The attraction of Tanjung Kri diving spots is in the many species of fish that live in it. Some of the types of fish that most often welcome divers are butterflyfish, sweetlips, angelfish, and tuna. Unless lucky, we can meet the carpet shark in person.

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5. Blue Magic

Another recommended this one tour that is no less beautiful and charming, namely Blue Magic. This diving spot located between Kri Island and Waisai Island is famous for its clear blue seawater aesthetics, as well as the aesthetics and diversity of marine life.

When diving, we will be greeted with schools of fish. Be it fish barracudas, tuna, red snappers, and many others. Moreover, not closing it is possible that we will meet the Blacktip Reef sharks and the Grey Reef during the dive at Blue Magic. Well, those were some reviews that discuss raja ampat diving with the 5 spots above you can explore it.

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