Tourist Attractions in Raja Ampat You Must Visit

Raja Ampat is a vacation spot in Indonesia that is so beautiful. Not only does it have many enchanting spots, this place also has many other tourist attractions. Other tourist attractions that are also famous in Raja Ampat are several tourist villages, hills, islands and the aesthetics of the sea. Therefore, there are many tours in this one tour that you can visit while in Papua.

Raja Ampat is a famous tourist area in all corners of the world. The aesthetics of nature and paradise that exist under the nautical of this tourist area are always admirable. This tourist area is a vacation location for travelers who like diving and snorkeling.

Tourist Attractions in Raja Ampat You Must Visit

Access to the Raja Ampat location is difficult to reach, not only that to get to this location it is also difficult to get transportation and can spend a fairly expensive budget. This does not discourage tourists from visiting and enjoying the aesthetics of the world paradise in this one tour. The following is a list of the most recommended tourist attractions in this one tour. Here is the review!

1. Star Lagoon

Star Lagoon in Raja Ampat has a beautiful star-shaped lagoon. This beautiful tourist spot is precisely on the island of Pianemo. This star-shaped lagoon can be enjoyed from the height of the hill. This Star Lagoon is surrounded by very beautiful small islands. Where this tourist spot is cool and still not touched by many tourists.

Tourists who come can dive into the aesthetics of the underwater nature of the star lagoon. Not only the underwater aesthetic is amazing. The clear water is also very refreshing. In the exclusive situation in this place will appear several turtles and baby sharks that wander around this place.

2. Misool Aesthetics

Misool is a must-visit area when visiting Raja Ampat. Exploring this place, tourists can find beautiful scenery. Where this scene is used as a place to take pictures with friends.

This special place in this one tour is the hottest place among visitors who have visited. Not only that, on misool island, tourists can also dive and also enjoy the aesthetics of the sea. There are mantas swimming on the rocks. In the sea of Misool Island, there are 75 percent of the various types of fish, unique and beautiful. If you swim to the middle you may be able to see octopuses and whales swimming.

3. Harfat Peak

The nickname Harfat is a combination of the names of the couple Harun and Fatimah. These two people found Harfat Peak which is now hits to the end of the world. The peak of Harfat, which is part of Raja Ampat, is the most beautiful place.

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The peak in Raja Ampat has a wooden staircase that can be used to get to the top. In this area offers many amazing entertainment spots. There is a natural view in this one tour from the height of the peak of Harfat.

Not only that, there is a cave that has carvings inscribed with the recitation of Allah. According to some residents and guides at the site, this carving is a naturally formed carving. This cave was given the nickname of a sacred cave by local residents.  In this sacred Cave it is forbidden to be noisy and it is forbidden to say dirty and ugly words. Thus, some reviews that discuss tourism in Raja Ampat with the above reviews may be useful.

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