15 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Malang 2022, Don’t Miss It!

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Malang 2022 – If you have discussed the matter of vacation, the city of Malang must be one of the favorite tourist destinations to visit. In addition to the missing atmosphere, tourist attractions in Malang are also very poly, so you will not run out of holiday time to this city in East Java.

Especially if the vacation is with the family, it seems that the city of Malang is valid as a suitable site. Because, poly family recreation park to other exciting places that are very dear if it gets too late.

15 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Malang 2022, Don’t Miss It!

Mount Bromo

Yes, it is not a complete taste if you do not go to Mount Bromo when visiting Malang. This mountain always attracts the attention of nature lovers because of the beautiful and stunning scenery.

You can access Mount Bromo with two-wheeled vehicles and four, but please know if you will need a jeep rental to be able to get to the foot of Mount Bromo.

Jatim Park 1

This tourist spot is indeed quite famous among tourists. This destination can be an option when on vacation with family if visiting Malang.

Here, visitors can enjoy more than 50 means to visit. One of them is The Nusantara Ethnic Gallery, Flying Fox, Historical Park, Flying Tornado, Volcano Coaster, & still poly again.

Oya, Jatim Park is located in Batu City, about 30 min to 1 hour based from Malang City.

Address: Jl. Kartika No. 2, Sisir Village, Kec. Batu City, East Java 653153.

Jatim Park two

The location of Jatim Park is two years too far from Jatim Park 1. Usually after satisfied sightseeing on Jatim Park 1, tourists immediately continue the journey to Jatim Park 2. There are three specific areas that are guaranteed to be exciting, namely Batu Secret Zoo, Animal Museum, and Eco Green Park.

As the name implies, Batu Secret Zoo is a zoo that covers an area of 14 hectares. Meanwhile, at the Animal Museum, you can learn about extinct animals. Next in Eco Green Park, you will learn poly things about natural knowledge.

Address: Jl. Oro-Oro Ombo No. 9, Temas, Kec. Batu, Batu City, East Java 653154.

Jatim Park three

The excitement is still continuing. In Jatim Park 3 also provides a variety of cool rides. One of the must-try facilities is the Five Ages Cruise, Ice Age, Life with Dino, and The Jungle.

Address: Jl. Ir Sukarno No. 144, Beji, Kec. Junrejo, Batu City, East Java 652365.

Malang City Square

Visiting the city of Malang is not complete if you do not visit the square, right? Its location in the middle of the city, of course, is easily accessible to tourists.

In addition to street food around Malang City Square, enjoy the atmosphere of hanging out in the afternoon so it’s a favorite activity to miss.

Address: Jl. Merdeka Selatan, Kidul Dalem, Kec. Klojen, Malang City, East Java 651196. Jodipan Colorful Village

If you need an aesthetic photo spot, Jodipan Malang Colorful Village can be one of the sites visited during a vacation to Malang. Tourists can see from where to live until the streets are painted and decorated using colorful trinkets.

Address: Gang 1, Jodipan, Blimbing, Malang City, East Java7.

Arema Blue Village

After Jodipan Colorful Village, Malang city also has another unique residential destination, namely Kampung Biru Arema. Here, there are hundreds of people’s houses painted blue, the hue of arema greatness, the football club of malang people. In addition, taking selfies using mural backgrounds is no less exciting.

Address: Kiduldalem RT 03 RW 05. Kiduldalem Village, Klojen District, Malang City, East Java 651198. Stone Night Spectacular

Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) can be a tourist spot suitable for all ages. Because the facilities presented from children to adults are here. Well, the spot that must be a photo place on BNS is Lantern Park.

As the name suggests, Lantern Garden presents a row of latif and romantic lanterns.

Address: Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 1, Oro-Oro Ombo, Batu City, East Java 653169.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Malang 2022: Coban Rondo Labyrinth Park

Located in the place of Coban Rondo, Pandesari, Batu Subdistrict, Coban Rondo Labyrinth Park as an error of one tourist site that is suitable to visit with family. This maze is made according to green flora with a height of two meters. When you enter here, you will feel like entering the global fiction film like Alice in the Wonderland!

Not only looking for a way out based on the maze, you can also enjoy other exciting activities in coban rondo labyrinth park. Like playing water at a waterfall, outbond to camping.

Price: IDR 10,000 (excluding activities)

Address: Jl. Coban Rondo No.RT. 30, Sebaluh, Pandesari, Kec. Pujon, Malang, East Java 6539110.

Transport Museum

Prepare a camera because in the Museum Angkut you can Instagramable photos as much as possible. In addition to photographs, here can also add insight into transportation based on the whole world. Don’t go to the museum of his name if you don’t get knowledge.

Lingering on this museum will not create boredom, because museum Angkut also often holds exciting shows that are not forgotten.

Address: Jl. Sultan Agung Canal No. 2, Ngaglik, Kec. Batu, Batu City, East Java. Stone Strawberry Barn

Heaven for strawberry lovers, huh! Visitors here will be taken around the vast strawberry garden. The building that is filled with red fruit paintings also shows a cheerful impression. In addition to traveling and given poly information about strawberries, you can also pick exclusive grains according to the tree.

An unforgettable experience can pick exclusive strawberries from the garden, plus using cool suasan because the location is flanked by Mount Arjuno and Mount Panderman.

Address: Pandan Hamlet, Bumiaji District, Batu City, East Java.

Wood Omah

Omah Kayu presents the concept of a house that uses wood to be its main structure. These houses are built on pine trees and arguably the concept is like a tree house. Of course, this can be an interesting photo spot because it presents a super latif natural scenery.

In addition to making photo sites, Omah Kayu prioritizes lodging where you will taste the sensation of staying in a real tree residence. Are you sure you don’t want to come here?

Address: Jl. Gn. Banyak, Gunungsari, Kec. Bumiaji, Batu City, East Java 6531213.

Selecta Park

Malang never runs out of beautiful tourist attractions. One of them is Selecta Park which presents a very latif flower garden. This place is very suitable to eliminate fatigue because as far as the eye can see the scenery. Plus using the special fresh air malang which is certainly very fresh.

Not only presenting a flower garden, there are also facilities that you can feel. Such as riding horses, wind bikes, swimming pools, and many more.

Address: Jl. Raya Selecta No. 1, Tulungrejo, Bumiaji, Batu City, East Java.14.

The Onsen Hot Spring Resort

Want to go to Japan but not yet? Don’t worry, you relatively need to go to The Onsen Hot Spring Resort Malang is enough. Here you will be given a vacation experience like being in Japan.

You can explore the park with a special view of Sakura Country & there is also Torii Gate. You can also rent Yukata to make photos to impress you in Japan. While the main thing, of course, must try soaking in the hot springs that are indeed the mainstay of this place.

Address: Jl. Arumdalu No.98, Songgokerto, Kec. Batu, Batu City, East Java 6531215. Florawisata San Terra de Lafonte

If Japan alone is not enough, in Malang you can also visit a tourist site called San Terra de Lafonte. This is a flower garden bed that is planted directly on the pot as well as on the hanging.

In addition, there is an Instagramable spot with a colorful building background of foreign style. The building spots are from Korea, the Netherlands, to Italy. Traveling around this place already feels like a global tour, yes.

Address: Jalan Raya Madya, Jurangrejo, Pandesari, Kec. Pujon, Malang, East Java 65391

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