4 Recommended Tours in Cappadocia with Beauty to Visit!

Recommended Tours in Cappadocia – Vacationing in Turkey is a dream of many people, before going on vacation, you can listen to some travel recommendations in Cappadocia Turkey, which has a very beautiful view. Famous for the beauty of the place, making Turkey one of the dream countries of many people to vacation. There is one city in Turkey that attracts many tourists, namely Cappadocia. Its beautiful charm, makes many people want to go visit it.

Cappadocia is also increasingly famous in Indonesia, due to his name mentioned in the trailer series ‘Kite Break Up’. After knowing Cappadocia, not a few are interested and curious about the charm given by this city in Turkey. At the end of this year, amme can launch your holiday action to Cappadocia. Enjoying the end of the year with beautiful scenery is certainly a dream of most people.

You can immediately prepare clothes, suitcases, passports, and credit cards, and immediately enjoy a vacation in Cappadocia. But, before that, amme needs to know in advance which tourist destinations you will visit there, through the following article discussion.

4 Travel Recommendations in Cappadocia

Cappadocia has many beautiful and eye-catching places. Some of them should not even be missed. In order not to be confused about choosing a location for a vacation, here indonesiatravelmagazine summarizes 4 travel recommendations in Cappadocia that can be visited.

Goreme National Park

Goreme National Park is one of the favorite destinations, and is include in the tourist recommendations in Cappadocia that should not be misse. To the location of Goreme National Park you will pass a variety of beautiful scenery. Arriving at the location, you must try the Hot Air Balloon or hot air balloon.

Riding this Hot Air Balloon, you can see the beauty of Cappadocia from a height. Starting from beautiful Roman buildings, to the cappadocia plain you can see from above there. To ride the Hot Air Ballon is not free, you need to prepare funds around EUR 100 to EUR 150.

Goreme Open Air Museum

Still at the Goreme location, amme can also visit the Goreme Open Air Museum tourist attractions. The journey to the location of Goreme Open Air Museum is quite beautiful and can be enjoye. Goreme Open Air Museum is an open-air museum in the world. Here there are many caves that were once use as a residence for the people of Cappadocia.

In addition to residences, amme can also see many ancient churches that stand from the 10th century. The total ancient churches in this location are about 14 churches. Starting from Apple Church, St. Barbara Church, Snake Church, Sandal Church, Dark Church, and various other ancient churches you can see at this Goreme Open Air Museum. Having a beautiful and distinctive building, can make you amaze at the beauty in this Goreme Open Air Museum. 

Pasabag Valley

The next tourist recommendation in Cappadocia is Pasabag Valley or Pasabag Valley. This beautiful valley is impossible for you to miss when visiting Cappadocia. One of the unique in the Pasabag valley is the shape of the rocks. Because these rocks resemble many giant mushrooms.

In addition, the rocks in this valley also have other types such as chimneys, priest hats at the ends of the rocks, and some even resemble pigeons and camels. The beauty of this rock became one of the famous in Cappadocia, and attracte the interest of travelers from all over the country.

Kaymakli Underground City

In addition to the top, Cappadocia is also famous for its underground city which is quite charming and also beautiful. Kaymakli became one of the charming underground cities and attracte many people to explore it. Therefore, the next tourist recommendation in Cappadocia that cannot be misse is Kaymakli Underground City.

Especially if amme has never come to the underground city, visiting Kaymakli can be a new and exciting experience in your life. This article is about Recommended Tours in Cappadocia. Good luck and so much thanks.

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