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Riau Islands, Melur Beach

Riau Islands, Melur Beach


Indonesia is rich panorama of the beach, one that you should visit is the Melur Beach, located on the west side of Pulau Galang, in Barelang, Tanjung Pinang or about 45 km south of the island of Batam. This beach has white sand along the coastal area. Palm trees on this beach waving susana add beautiful beaches are very suitable as a place to relax and find inspiration.

The beach is one of the mainstay tourism destination of Batam Island is visited by many tourists because of the vast panorama of coastline, clean beaches and crystal clear water. Melur beach is very suitable and convenient for you holiday in Batam while eliminating the fatigue from the bustle and hustle and bustle of the city atmosphere.

Throughout your eyes look, the wide expanse of white sand presented beresama small waves that wander around, enjoy the breeze too that pamper you. Not only that, the trees are in Melur Beach also further adds to this exotic beach.

The beach is not just a marine attraction that you can enjoy its beauty. However, Melur Beach also has a story that you can dig yourself from the people directly. Vietnamese refugees formerly known as the Boat People, stranded on the island of Batam and then set up camp on Galang island about 1 km from Melur Beach.

Another specialty is the Melur beach sand sea is flat and not rocky, it allows you to swim safely up to a distance of 500 meters from the beach. How?

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