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Riau Islands, Nongsa beach, Batam

Riau Islands, Nongsa beach, Batam


Nongsa beach, a white sandy beach and crystal clear water located in its North-East of Batam. The name of this beach is taken based on the name of a Malay leader who first developed this coastal region. The beach is better known as “Old Nongsa” by the local community.

Well, to get to this beach, travelers can use the services of a taxi. Well, about 40 minutes from downtown and 20 minutes from Batam Airport Batam city pride, namely the Hang Nadim Airport. And there is one advantage of this beach, which is close to the pier. The tourists from Singapore can reach this beach by ferry from Tanah Merah (Singapore) and anchored in Nongsa Ferry Terminal.

The beach is a destination attraction for tourists both local and foreign tourists who come there just to enjoy a holiday or to enjoy its natural beauty. The travelers can watch the sunset at this beach. And at night, you will be presented with a view of the lights sparkling skyscraper buildings that emanated from our neighboring country, Singapore. Tourism Indonesia is World paradise


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