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Seram, Marsegu Island, Nature reserve

Seram, Marsegu Island, Nature reserve


Forest Tourism Marsegu Island
Administratively Marsegu Island forest area included in the District of West Seram, Central Maluku Province. This island was named by the community, “Marsegu Island”, because it has so many species of bats. The word “marsegu” comes from the local language which means bat. Marsegu Island is not scary, on the contrary a variety of beauty can be found there. Area of forest on the island reached 240.20 ha.

Forest on the island, divided into three groups, namely young secondary forest, secondary forest and old secondary forest middle. The types of flora that dominates is Gofasa (Vitex cofassus), Belo Hitam (Diospyros pilosanthera), Banyan (Ficus sp), Papaya Forest (Brachychiton discolor), Kuboha (Sterculia Ceramica), Berabu Mango (Cerbera manghas), Wood Stone (Maranthes co). Half the island is a mangrove forest areas with different types.
In this forest encountered a lot of bats. Can be found also many endemic species of protected birds like charred (Megaphodius Reinwadrtii) and coconut crabs (Birgus latro) which in the language of the region called the “canary crabs.” With the variety of wildlife and vegetation types, visitors as well as to learn about many things about different kinds of environment that exists in this Marsegu Island. The visitors can enjoy various kinds of seafood (seafood), whether obtained by way of fishing your own or buy from the communities around the island.

At this location there are two fresh water wells are usually used by visitors, as well as the public for drinking, bathing and washing. To go to the Island Marsegu, from the city of Ambon as Central Maluku provincial capital, can be reached via the route:
From Ambon to Hunimua, using public transportation with. Then the journey continues from Hunimua to Waipirit who has been on the island of Seram, using the boat for 1.5 hours. From Waipirit proceed toward the Pelita Jaya, with the distance 56 km. Next to the area within a Forest Island Marsegu sea lane along the ± 5 km.

Marsegu Island located in the western part of Seram Island (Nusa Ina / Pulau Ibu) is famous for its National Park Manusela. The island was given the name by the community as “Island Marsegu” because it has so many bat species. Marsegu word comes from the local language which means bat. Apart from bats can be found also protected animals such as birds Gosong Mega-phodius Reinwadrtii (Maleo) and Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) or a regional language called “canary crab.” There are still many other bird species that make this island as a habitat for eating, playing and sleeping.

Not only the mainland only animals that can amaze us. Marine resources potential is also quite large. There are a variety of colorful coral reefs that can be witnessed its beauty. Similarly, various shades of coral fish marine life with its diverse forms and sizes. To the delight of seafood can be enjoyed much as you like on this island. Wanted to go fishing alone or can also buy from the community around this island that his livelihood comes from the sea. Its seas very diverse wildlife, we can choose a variety of preferred fish species and process them with their own desires. Can be baked, fried or in other ways.

In the northern part there is a white sand beach Ipomea pescaprae zone which is dominated by wind grass (Spinifex littoreus) and Katang-katang (Ipomea pescaprae). This location is an attractive tourist spot for enjoying the scenery of sea and shore breathe the fresh air. For those who want to camp or stay a few days on this island, there are 2 (two) as a source of fresh water wells are usually also used by local communities for drinking, bathing and washing. So we need not hesitate to visit the tourist sites of this very exotic.

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