Tours in Brebes that are Suitable for Vacation with Family

Brebes is famous for its salted egg hand fruit and also its shallots. Behind his handiwork, you can also visit some charming sightseeing in brebes.

Considering the natural charm of Brebes is also a pity for you to miss. Here are some sightseeing in brebes that you can choose for a memorable vacation.

Tours in Bebes that are Suitable for Vacation with Family

1. Baper Hill

To start your journey in this city, you can make Bukit Baper the first destination. On this hill you will be presented with a view from the top of an amazing height.

The expanse of rice fields with community settlements is one of the extraordinary panoramas. Especially as long as looking around in the domination of the green scenery. Bukit Baper itself is at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level with such cool air.

You can hunt for instagramable photos in this hit destination. Some spots are also deliberately presented to be used as selfie spots. It’s no secret, the fog on this hill seems to be dense so you have to be careful when you are on this hill.

2. Kalibaya Park

Kalibaya Park can be said to be a new destination. However, its presence managed to make many residents and tourists curious. The natural charm presented at Kalibaya Park is indeed extraordinary.

You will be presented with a panoramic view of the shady pine forest. Behind it are green hills that make Kalibaya Park very suitable for hunting beautiful photo photos. Not only that, you can also try the various facilities provided.

Starting from a swing that is at a height that challenges your adrenaline. Not to forget the existence of a rabbit park, as well as an outbound place that can be visited with groups.

3. Kaligua Agrotourism

If you want to enjoy the cool air and soothing scenery, then you must visit Kaligua Agrotourism. The location is in the southern part of Brebes which presents a very cool mountain view.

This agrotourism itself is a large tea plantation that you previously would be presented with a pine forest. In this agrotourism you can find more than one interesting spot that is not to be missed.

Starting from historical tours such as Japanese Caves to the tomb of the founder of the Garden named Van De Jong. While you are tired, you can taste the tea while enjoying the panorama. Before going home you can also shop for a variety of teas produced.

4. Agrotourism Green Size jatibarang sugar factory

This tourist destination is located in the Jatibarang sugar factory area. You can find a large green garden and it is also cool. The atmosphere of the past that was so thick will also give an additional different sensation. There is an Mbesaran house as well as several facilities that are suitable for children. You can also hunt for beautiful photos in this one destination.

5. Panenjoan Salem

If you are still not satisfied with the view from a height, then Panenjoan Salem can be used as a destination. This hill is a hunting place that is so popular, especially among young people.

You can also find a tall photo spot towering on the hill. So that the scenery below will look even more amazing. Some spots are deliberately presented to make photo hunting activities more exciting.

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Existing decorations or decorations can indeed make your photos more beautiful, especially for those who are good at taking angles. You can also hunt for sunsets or sunrise on this hill. Blending with the green hills is increasingly looking exotic. How about, already interested in coming in Brebes? From some of the recommendations above, we can know that tourism in Brebes should not be underestimated. Let’s pay a visit to Brebes!

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