Tourist Destinations in South Kalimantan That You Must Visit

South Kalimantan is a province that is famous for natural tourist destinations, one of which is rivers. The provincial capital, Banjarmasin has a number of rivers that divide the city center so it is called the city of a thousand rivers.

This province also has a cluster of hills that are quite beautiful and beautiful natural charm because it is considered to be included in the tropical rainforest area. Therefore, it is no wonder that many tourists go to this province for vacation. Here’s a review of the 5 best tourist attractions in South Kalimantan that you should visit.

Tourist Destinations in South Kalimantan That You Must Visit

1. Floating Market

Banjarmasin is known as the city of a thousand rivers, so it is not surprising because there are many floating markets that are quite famous. One of the floating markets that you should visit is Muara Kuin Banjarmasin, therefore this market has survived for hundreds of years. All buying and selling transactions are done on a boat and you can get various necessities in this market. It feels incomplete, unless you don’t visit this floating market in West Banjarmasin.

This second floating market, which is no less interesting to visit, is on the Tandipah River. The vendors sell their wares on the sea, ranging from vegetables, fruits, and also various other goods. Lok Baintan floating market is an alternative floating market that you can visit while playing to Banjarmasin. What is unique about the sales system here is the system used, that is, it still adheres to the barter system or the exchange of goods.

2. Flower Island Tourism Park

This flower island has been opened as a tourist destination in the middle of the Barito river. The aesthetic offered is a natural delta and forms an island and also the presence of organisms that inhabit it naturally as well. This area is a conservation place for long-tailed macaques and proboscis monkeys. Uniquely, you can interact with friendly apes and take pictures with. In addition, there are also mangrove forests that maintain their ecosystems.

3. Bukit Rimpi Pelaihari

The province of South Kalimantan is also famous for its hill clusters. Therefore, Bukit Rimpi Pelaihari is an interesting destination to visit. This area is very fertile and coupled with tropical rainforest which adds comfortable green conditions as long as the eye can see. You can enjoy hill tourism like abroad with light access. The attraction was quite attractive to countless tourists.

4. Pelaihari Labyrinth Park

This park has a fairly unique attraction, so there are countless people who visit. Not only local people, but even tourists from various places are happy with this one destination.

The attraction offered is a natural and beautiful photo spot because this park is not synthetic. The plants used are original, so they appear alive when they are photographed. You can also play with the Bornean deer or buffalo which are available in this Pelaihari Labyrinth Park complex.

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5. Kaladan Mature Hill

Filling out the list of tourist attractions with a cluster of hills finally, Bukit Matang Kaladan you must visit with family or friends. The aesthetic offered is a panoramic view of the forest and lake which is truly unique because there is an island in the middle.

You can also use this place as an interesting and beautiful photo spot to increase the collection of photos in the gallery or social media uploads. Therefore, prepare your photography tools when you go to this place. Thus, some reviews that discuss about tourism in South Kalimantan if you want to visit the tour then visit the place that has been explained.

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