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Sulawesi North, Bunaken, Bunaken SeaGarden Resort.

Sulawesi North, Bunaken, Bunaken SeaGarden Resort.


The colorful coral gardens from the Bunaken National Park are right in front of the SeaGarden resort and only a minute swimming away you will find the Bunaken Timur reef, one of the most famous diving and snorkeling spots within the Marine Park.  Perfect for divers, snorkelers and of course underwater photographers.

In almost every diving magazine you will find articles and photos from north Sulawesi and her beautiful underwater world.

You will be amazed by the diversity of tropical fish and corals that you can find on the famous coral reefs of the Bunaken sea gardens.


We have no diving center located at the Bunaken SeaGarden Resort.

We work together with a dive center also located at Pangalisang Beach close to the SeaGarden Resort. They offer relaxe diving in small groups with experienced local dive guides and good maintained equipment.

Most of the dive sites are only a short boat trip away and Siladen or the coast of the mainland are also often visited for a dive. The helpful guides will make your diving experience an unforgettable one. For the more distant dive sites such as Mantehage and Bangka a fuel surcharge will be applicable.


The SeaGarden Resort is perfectly located for snorkeling. The famous Bunaken Timur reef is right in front of our resort and is one of the best snorkel spots of Bunaken Island. You will be amazed by the colors and beauty you can find there.

Snorkeling tours to the other coral reefs of the Bunaken National Park can also be organised and combined with a dolphin tour or a lunch at a nice beach. Our comfortable boat “The Honesty” with 2 x 40 hp engines can be rented for snorkeling tours and other trips. Mask, fins and snorkel can also be rented at the resort.

 Padi (also specialties) and Naui diving courses are given by Ferdinand, a experienced Dutch freelance instructor who has his own diving school and boat also at Pangalisang Beach. He lives already 5 years on the island and is married with an indonesian, he is well known for his relaxed way of teaching. Ferdinand speaks 4 different languages Dutch, English, German and Indonesian.  All the courses are on request.

Ferdinand offers also “private” diving for small groups. You have your own boat and where and when to dive can be decided by yourself.   (prices are on request.)

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