Crispy Almonds, Souvenirs If You Visit Surabaya

When traveling outside the city, looking for souvenirs is always an important thing that should not be missed. Not only that, so as not to be labeled arrogant by neighbors, buying souvenirs can also be an exciting activity because you can get to know a variety of products typical of the places you visit. Therefore, Surabaya flavor tour is very suitable as a souvenir if you visit Surabaya.

If you happen to visit Surabaya, there is one souvenir model that is very in demand in the last few years, namely crispy almond snacks. This snack began to be popular since mid-2015 and is still sought after by tourists today. Well, the following Surabaya flavor tour should be felt for tourists.

Crispy Almonds, Souvenirs If You Visit Surabaya

Derived from the Rasa Tourism Shop

Currently there are many new brands that sell various variants of crispy almond snacks. However, if traced back, the popularity of these snacks actually comes from the Wisata Rasa store. This gift shop has 4 branches in Surabaya, you know, namely on Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Jalan Raya Jemusari, Jalan Genteng Besar, and Jalan Mayjend Sungkono. Now the snack is better known as “Almond Crispy Cheese”. You can buy it for approximately IDR 30,000 per box.

Many Flavor Variants

Although it is widely labeled with the name “Almond crispy cheese”, the truth is that this product has many flavor variants that you can try. There are some of the best-selling flavors among tourists are original flavors, green tea, chocolate, and choco chip.

Popular Almond Crispy Brand in Surabaya

Given the high interest of the residents in this savory snack, don’t be surprised if you can find a variety of cake shops, souvenir centers, and street vendors selling crispy almonds. Unless you don’t find a Flavor Tourism prosthesis product, don’t worry, there are many other brands that produce quality crispy almond snacks with super delicious flavors, such as:

1. Almond Crispy Cheese Bogajaya

Just like Rasa Tourism, Bogajaya’s prosthetic snack products are no less delicious. Until now, this manufacturer has only made almond crispy cheese with an original taste only to maintain the authenticity of the taste.

2. Almond Crispy Cheese CRS

This product can be said to be the main rival of Rasa Tourism. In terms of packaging, crs crispy almonds do seem more premium. Unfortunately, this product only exists with an original taste.

3. Almond Crispy Cheese Lusiana

The crispy almond packaging from Lusiana is very cute because it is given bright colors that spoil the eye. This manufacturer provides three flavor options, namely green tea, chocolate, and original.

4. Almond Crispy Cheese Olino’S

This brand of crispy almonds is quite rare in the market. In fact, in terms of taste, this product is one of the most delicious, you know. Just like lusiana’s product, Olino’S also gives three additional flavors, namely chocolate, green tea, and original.

5. Almond crispy Cheese Gosyen

Almond crispy Gosyen is made by a famous pastry shop in Surabaya, namely Gosyen Bakery. This product is known to have a crisper texture than its competitors. For those of you who like to feel the crunching sensation when chewing on snacks, this crispy almond is a must-try! From the info above, you certainly can’t wait to taste the delicious crispy almond snacks typical of the City of Heroes, right? So, immediately plan your vacation to Surabaya!

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Not only does it have many delicious snacks, you can also find various recreational objects there, ranging from the Bungkul Park Submarine Monument, to the famous Sanggar Agung Temple to foreign countries. Well, those are some reviews that discuss about surabaya taste tourism hopefully with the explanation above it will be useful and thank you.

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