Visit, Surabaya Tourist Destinations that Attract Tourists

Surabaya is known as one of the most important cities in Indonesia after Jakarta. The largest city in East Java has a long history in the process of fighting for the nation’s independence. Now Surabaya is also an advanced industrial city, with all the facilities and infrastructure in it. Not only that, Surabaya also has Surabaya tourist destinations that you must visit.

In addition, the city of Surabaya is also hot and congested, perhaps that is the answer from some people when asked about Surabaya. Yes, with a community of more than 3 million people, this one city is no less dense than Jakarta. But all these things still cannot eliminate all the attractions of Surabaya as one of the best Surabaya tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Visit, Surabaya Tourist Destinations that Attract Tourists

Visiting Surabaya always feels special, with the diversity of tourist attractions offered making many travelers make this City of Heroes a vacation destination. Not only the many tourist attractions with high historical value.

Surabaya also still has several interesting tourist attractions such as cultural tourism, natural tourism, religion and also shopping tours. The following are some of the most interesting tourist attractions, which you must visit if you are in Surabaya.

1. Heroes Monument

One of the icons of surabaya city is very famous, and it is less tasteful if you don’t visit this monument. The Heroes Monument is a monument with a height of approximately 41 meters which looks like an inverted nail. This monument was built to commemorate the persistence of suroboyo arek-arek in defending Indonesia’s independence from the Netherlands. Tourists can take pictures, and go around enjoying the magnificent monument. The best time to visit Tugu Pahlawan is on Sunday morning, while traveling with family while enjoying the fresh air.

2. House of Sampoerna

This tourist spot is a museum founded by the well-known cigarette company Sampoerna. In this museum, tourists can get various information about the history of the establishment of the Sampoerna cigarette factory which has existed since the Dutch colonial era.

There is also a journey from time to time about the company to continue to exist today. Uniquely, in the museum tourists can see firsthand the process of making cigarettes manually. House of Sampoerna also provides souvenir shops and caf├ęs that tourists can visit.

3. Surabaya Zoo

Having been established since the days of the Dutch government, Surabaya Zoo has become one of the zoos that is quite popular and has become a favorite place for vacations of local and foreign tourists. It contains more than 350 species of animals, and no less than 2,800 types of animals. The zoo was founded on August 31, 1916, and had changed locations several times.

4. Ciputra Waterpark

Surabaya also has water attractions that are no less magnificent, such as Ciputra Waterpark. This water game facility is claimed to be the largest in Indonesia and also in Southeast Asia. With an area of up to 4 hectares, tourists will be satisfied with complete water games ranging from children to adults.

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With a Middle Eastern-style concept, making this waterpark very unique with its domes and palaces. Moreover, this tourist spot is open until the evening, so even tourism will be presented with beautiful sparkling lights. Well, those are some important reviews that discuss about surabaya tourist destinations, don’t forget to visit the places described above and thank you.

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