Attractions in Tana Toraja Latest

Traveling in South Sulawesi is not complete if you haven’t visited Toraja. The attraction of Tana Toraja is its local cultural wisdom which is still thick and strong. Therefore, there are several tourist attractions in Tana Toraja that you must visit.

The various tourist destinations presented in Toraja are mostly tours of its natural wealth and culture and also the history it has. Some of its historical tours still have very strong magical and religious value.

For those of you who want to take a vacation to tourism in Tana Toraja, here are 3 recommendations for prima donna tourist attractions that you can use as a reference for a vacation while increasing knowledge of the diversity of Indonesian culture, especially in South Sulawesi.

Attractions in Tana Toraja Latest

1. Kete Kesu Tour

This place is a unique and iconic village. Kete Kesu is the most hit tourist spot visited by tourists. This village is a complex of Tongkonan traditional houses which are Tana Toraja traditional houses. In this Tongkonan there are bodies that are temporarily stored before being buried.

The traditional life that is still preserved here is an attraction in itself. In addition, this place is also located in a place of hills and rice fields, so the air and scenery are very pleasing to the eye. One of the customs in Kete Kesu is to include the treasures of the mayit to be put together in his coffin.

Not only historical and cultural tours, here juda has a beautiful view for photography. Tourists who come will usually take photos by posing among the rows of Tongkonan traditional houses. The iconic shape of the house adds a unique photo result. Anyone who sees it certainly understands where it is located.

2. The Dead-End Statue of Jesus Burake

The next amazing tourist spot that you can visit is the Statue of Jesus Buntu Burake. This statue has become one of the tourist icons of Tana Toraja and is very loved by tourists, both from within the country and abroad. The statue, which is 40 meters high and located at an altitude of 1,700 above sea level, is believed to be the tallest statue in the world.

The height of the Statue of Jesus Dead End Burake moreover beats the height of the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. Through this place, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama that stretches along makale city and the mountains that surround Tana Toraja. Here you can also try a glass bridge that presents a natural aesthetic from a height.

3. Pango-Pango Agrotourism

Pango-Pango Agrotourism is a coffee agrotourism located in the highlands. This place is often called the land above the clouds because you will feel that you are above the clouds when you are in this place. You can explore about the famous toraja coffee here while enjoying the stunning scenery and magnificent portraits of Mekale City.

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Because it is located in a highland, this place also provides adequate facilities for visitors, such as bathrooms and gazebos. Not only toraja coffee, Pango-Pango Agrotourism also produces chocolate and corn. Interestingly, you can pick garden products here.

This place is very beautiful to see the sunset in the afternoon. It could be that you can try to come to enjoy it. Thus the review of this article that discusses tana toraja tourism if you want to visit this tour prepare all your needs so that later you don’t interfere with the activities you will explore.

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