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Telaga Warna Nature Reserve

Telaga Warna Nature Reserve

Telaga Warna Nature Reserve, Telaga Warna, Cagar Alam,

Longitude (DD) 106.96482944
Latitude (DD) -6.58090999
Designation Nature Reserve
Status Designated
Current Status Not Known
Establishment Year 1954
IUCN Category Ia
Documented Total Area (ha) 368
GIS Total Area (ha) 1.931

Telaga Warna forest area defined as a nature reserve established (CA) based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 431/Kpts/Um/6/1981 dated January 1, 1981
Telaga Warna is located in the surrounding Peak Pass and not far from the highway Bogor Cianjur, which included administration of Tugu village, Cisarua district, Bogor regency.
Topographic conditions Nature Reserve area / Park Telaga Warna Nature Tours with the height of waves approximately 1400 meters above sea level. Climate The climate classification of Schmidt and Ferguson this area.
Type of climate:
with rainfall average 3380 mm per year.
Flora Vegetation Regions biotic region including mountain rain forest type, consisting of floranya diverse species of trees, Liana and epiphyt. Flora of vegetation there is a mountain forest with tree species is Puspa (Schima walichii), Saninten (Castanopsis argentea) and others.
Types of wildlife that are the region are several species of birds (aves) as Spotted (Streptopelia chinensis), Quail (Turniix suscitator), Kadanca (Ducula sp), Swiftlet (Collocalia vulvanorum) and others.
Tourism Attraction Park Telaga Warna Nature has a beautiful natural landscape with the cool air, in addition, there are also natural lake where the water was colored surface, this is caused by the reflection of sunlight coming through the cracks and fallen leaves on the surface of the lake which serves as a mirror. Relatively natural state is still intact is the main attraction for tourists.
5. Accessibility
Travel route to reach the Nature Reserve and Nature Park Telaga Warna is: Bogor Cianjur at -ª 30 km, or from Bogor Cianjur to -ª 20 Km. Can be done with all types of vehicles.
Balai KSDA Jabar I
Jl. South No. Gede Bage. 117
South Cisaranten – Rancasari Bandung
Tel / Fax. [022] 7567715

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