The Beauty of Tangkuban Perahu that Shadowed with Its Notorious Legend

There are many beautiful places in Indonesia embroidered with notorious legends, such as Tangkuban Perahu which has the legend of Sangkuriang. The legend said that a boy named Sangkuriang killed his dog-father, which infuriated his mother, Dayang Sumbi, who has a timeless beauty, and repulsed him.

Then, years passed and the adult Sangkuriang was mesmerized by her beauty, not knowing she was his own mother. Thus, he refuses to acknowledge the truth and demands she marry him. She agreed as long as he built her a boat in one night. To prevent his success, Dayang Sumbi woke up the roosters even if it was not sunrise yet. Sangkuriang got angry and kicked the boat and turned it into became a mountain. 

The Renowned Craters

Aside from the notorious legend, Tangkuban Perahu has beautiful scenery and 3 craters that are different from each other. Read the details about the craters below:

1. Ratu Crater

Amongst the three, Ratu Crater is the largest one with 8 square meters. This crater has an outstanding view that is hard to compare with any other place. The most attractive side of this crater is the contour of the crater wall which will come out great as a picture background. Also, the place exudes an exotic and icy vibe.

2. Domas Crater

Another great view that you should not pass is the Domas Crater. The erosion of the crater wall made the crater appear white. However, some crater voids still have a sulfurous color. Hence, do not get startled when smoke comes out from the cavities and the strong smell of sulfur emits along.

3. Upas Crater

Contrasted to Domas Crater, the smell of sulfur is stronger in the Upas Crater. Thus, people often avoid this place. Moreover, the tourist facilities are not fully established yet. But still, this crater also has beautiful scenery that you should not pass. If you wish in seeing this crater, then make sure to wear proper footwear.

How to Get There and How Much It Cost

This place is near the city. It is located in Jl. Tangkuban Perahu, Lembang, Bandung Barat Regency, you can reach this place in two ways. Here are the details:

  • First, you can use mass transportation. To do that, use the train from Bandung to Lembang, then continue with public transportation with the Lembang-Maribaya route.
  • You can also reach the place by using cars or any other vehicle. If you come from Bandung, head to the Pasteur toll gate and turn to Jl. Dr. Djunjungan and then Pasirkaliki from Sukajadi. Afterward, follow the road until reaching the destination. 

To enter the place, you have to pay 20 thousand rupiahs for weekdays and 30 thousand rupiahs for weekends and holidays. But the fees are only for locals. Meanwhile, if you came from abroad, you have to pay 200 to 300 thousand rupiahs.

If you have free time while in Bandung, then make sure to visit Tangkuban Perahu. When doing so, you have to remember to wear an outdoor outfit with representable footwear. Because you have to walk through the mountain terrain for the most part.

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