The Best Thing to Do in Ubud to Pick When You are There

Located in the center of the city, Ubud is one of the most crowded places in Bali with tourists from various places. This is because of the easy access and complete tourist facilities there. Therefore, tourists love to be in Ubud rather than roaming around the island. But, what is the best thing to do in Ubud?

When that question comes, various answers come out. From visiting places, shopping, or even only staying in your hotel room. Here is the list that we suggest you do while in Ubud:

1. Visit Puri Saren Agung

Bali is famous for its natural beauty, but it doesn’t mean they forget its culture and history. Because there’s this palace in Ubud that you can visit while still in the city. The palace is called Puri Saren Agung, is the residence of Ubud King and the royal family.

Visiting this palace can be your option for the best thing to do in Ubud. Because not only does it have a distinct classic Bali architectural design, but the palace holds a dance performance every night that starts at 19.30. To watch the performance, you have to pay 100 thousand rupiahs.

2. Shopping

In almost every opportunity for going on vacation, you have to put shopping on the list. Including when roaming in Ubud, you can shop for various things from clothes, jewelry, souvenirs, to crafty arts. 

If you are reluctant to spend much money in branded stores, there’s a central market in Ubud for cheaper prices. You can get souvenirs, clothes, jewelry, and many others starting from a thousand rupiahs only.

3. Be Artsy and Visit a Gallery

As you know, Bali is the place where you can embrace your artsy soul to the fullest. There are numerous galleries that you can visit in Ubud. Neka Art Gallery, for example, you can enter the gallery with only 75 thousand rupiahs per person. Then, you can also pay 50 thousand rupiahs for another option with the Antonio Blanco Museum with eccentric architecture.

4. Visit the Monkey Forest

Get close to the wildlife in Bali by visiting Monkey Forest. Officially the place is named Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, to enter this place you have to pay 80 thousand rupiahs for adults and 65 thousand rupiahs for kids.

If you have the time to come here, do not feed any monkeys. Also, prevent using sparkling accessories because the monkeys will steal them from you. Further, make sure not to feed any monkeys when you are there.

5. Staycation

There’s also a one-stop destination where you can just stay in your accommodation and not go anywhere. This way of vacation became a thing since the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, all you have to do is simply pick a hotel, resort, or villa with the best view and stay there for your whole time in Bali.

One recommendation that often comes out for a staycation place is the Hanging Garden of Bali also known as the Hanging Garden of Ubud. This resort is located in the heart of the jungle, in the North of Ubud. 

To stay in this place, you have to pay 16.6 million rupiahs for the Unwind Holiday or 24 million rupiahs for Jungle Retreat. Those are the normal price that includes tax per night.

Simply pick the best thing to do in Ubud that matches you among the list above. Then, enjoy your time on Paradise Island without thinking much of your busy daily life. Better yet, you may try to block all work for complete healing.

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