The Charm of Ciparay Endah Natural Tourism that Attracts Tourists

To relieve fatigue that hits due to daily activities, visiting tourist attractions in Bogor is the right solution. Waterfalls are the main choice because of the many natural aesthetics presented. One of those in Bogor is Curug Ciparay with natural charm that exudes beauty and enchanting. Well, for that it would be wonderful if you and your family visited the place of the charm of ciparay endah natural tourism that will pamper you with its beauty.

Curug in the local language means a waterfall whose water flows from the river. There are two waterfalls with the same name in West Java, namely in Tasikmalaya and Bogor. Both have different distinctive characteristics, but this time we will discuss the place of the charm of ciparay endah natural tourism in Bogor. Of course, with the attraction given as a reason for mapir tourists to visit it. Come on, see the following review.

The Charm of Ciparay Endah Natural Tourism that Attracts Tourists

The natural situation that is still not touched by many humans makes Curug Ciparay even more beautiful. Wild plants that adorn every view at the same time add cool and fresh air. Access to get to the location is not an easy matter, but still many visit and want to enjoy its natural aesthetics.

The Attractions of Curug Ciparay

Visitors who stop by Curug Ciparay are none other than for reasons of its extraordinary attractiveness. Although the journey that must be taken is quite heavy and long, it does not undo the intention for them to try to get to the main location. It’s good if we review in advance about what tensile strengths are meant.

1. Natural Charm of Curug Ciparay

One of the waterfalls in this rainy city has a height of about 72 meters with a variety of trees covering part of the cliff. From a distance those plants that stick are similar to moss plants. However, you can see it by understanding when you are a little bit nearby.

The water that flows is quite fast, but it is heavier when the rainy season arrives. The color of the water is very clear slightly bluish and feels fresh to anyone who touches it. The water flow goes to the pond and then flows into the upper reaches of the river. The size of the pool is quite wide with a depth of approximately 1 to 3 meters and is surrounded by many large rocks around it.

The size of the stone that is not the same turns out to add a more exotic view of Curug Ciparay. Some rocks are overgrown with moss which will make the conditions slippery. So make sure you are careful when stepping on it. Aesthetics is even more acquired when looking at the flow of water that has to go down several steps after heading to the pool.

2. Natural and Beautiful Situations

The presence of wild trees that surround the location is not only a decoration, but also makes the conditions more beautiful. Even this natural tourist attraction in Bogor is far enough from the city so that the conditions are still natural. This is further reinforced by the lack of local residents who open all the way to the location.

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As for those who use it, most of them are just visitors who stop by. For those living in urban areas, it is this kind of situation that is coveted. The reason is that there are no buildings or factories as the main cause of pollution. Your health is also more maintained as long as you visit Curug Ciparay, even if only for a while.

Well, those were some reviews that discuss the charm of ciparay endah natural tourism that you should visit with natural charms that can make your heart calm.

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