The Latest and Hottest Tourist Attractions in Kudus You Must Visit

Hearing the name of Kudus County is indeed familiar to our ears. The city, which is also synonymous with kretek, holds a lot of potential ranging from cuisine, history to beautiful tourism potential. There are several tombs of wali Songo which are also often crowded because they are visited by congregants from many places. Therefore, there are also the latest Holy tours that attract tourists to visit.

Not only that, Kudus is also known as a place that is thick with Islamic teachings and there are three tombs of wali or sunan, namely Sunan Kudus, Sunan Muria and also Sunan Kedu. Here are a variety of the latest Holy tours and favorite places that can be visited on vacation.

The Latest and Hottest Tourist Attractions in Kudus You Must Visit

1. Gonggomino Waterfall

Your journey to explore the city of Kudus can begin by visiting the waterfall tour. There are several waterfalls that are already prominent with their natural scenery. One of them is Gonggomino Waterfall which offers extraordinary charm. His name is already widely known among tourists and will be crowded on weekends.

To reach this one destination requires a struggle that is not easy. You have to go down the Rejenu river to get to this waterfall. Of course, this one tourist destination will provide an unforgettable adventure experience. Even when you arrive at the waterfall, you will be presented with fresh and clear water with beautiful nature.

2. Kretek Museum

As mentioned earlier, Kudus is indeed famous for its kretek. There is a famous Holy museum and can come to understand in it. This museum has a collection of various kinds of machine tools and making cigarettes in ancient times.

Tourists can see activities that show how the process from growing tobacco to making cigarettes. This Kretek Museum is located in Getas Pajetan Village, Jati Kudus District. This location is not far from the city center which is approximately 3 km to the South.

3. Holy Tower

Being a religious tourism, this place will be very crowded if it is in the holiday season. The Holy Tower is famous for being a tourist attraction and should not be missed. The building is made of piles of bricks that are roofed with wood and shaped like a pyramid. While on the wall of this tower there are several metal plates attached.

There is a story that says that the plate was imported directly from China. The location of the Holy Minaret is in front of the Al Aqsa Mosque which also serves as a marker of the entry of prayer times. Around the tower there is the Tomb of Sunan Kudus if tourists want to make a pilgrimage.

4. Holy Noble Waterboom

Those who visit Kudus often spend time with family and many other members. If you really want to spoil your little one, the Holy Noble Waterboom is the answer. This waterboom can be used as an exciting vacation destination with family and children. Become one of the vacation facilities that are indeed mandatory to visit.

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The manager provides a variety of exciting game facilities such as fishing, ATVs to berarus ponds. When it’s a weekend this place is quite crowded. Waterboom Mulia Kudus is located on Jalan Kudus-Colo KM 12, Lau Village, Bae Kudus District. The entrance ticket paid is only Rp. 15,000 per person. Well, those are some reviews that discuss the latest Kudus tourism, hopefully this article can help you in visiting kudus tourism and thank you.

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