The Newest Tourist Attractions in Bandung that Attract Tourists

Hearing the city of Bandung, of course, immediately imagined the number of tourist attractions that hits, complete with cool air typical of the mountains. Anyone can’t deny the charm of this flower city. Not only does it have many tourist attractions, the beauty of this one city is also very popular among tourists. Well, for that we summarize the latest Bandung tourist attractions will certainly make you feel at home if you visit this city.

The number of tourist attractions in this city makes tourists want to visit there, especially since this city presents the latest tours, of course, attracting tourists to want to visit again. For those of you who want to spend your vacation, Bandung can be your best destination, and here are 3 the latest Bandung tourist attractions that you must visit.

The Newest Tourist Attractions in Bandung that Attract Tourists

1. Sendang Geulis Kahuripan

The existence of social media is indeed one of the tools to create a place that is newly known to many people. As with the presence of the new Sendang Geulis Kahuripan, it is currently popular among travelers. Sendang Geulis is a spring with very clear and clean water. The rural situation that is still beautiful also makes this place even more exotic. Talaga Cikahuripan Padalarang became another nickname for this spring.

The location is indeed fairly hidden, so that not yet the crew knows the existence of this sendang. With very clean water, it allows you to take cool underwater photos. Although hair is a natural attraction, the facilities offered by Senda Geulis Kahudipan are complete. If you are interested in visiting this beautiful and beautiful place, you should only use a motorbike considering the narrow access.

2. Barusen Hills

Want to enjoy the view of Bandung with a calm state? This Barusen Hills could be an alternative. The fresh air will welcome you when you arrive at this hill. Your eyes will be spoiled with a colorful flower garden. There is also a mini lake that you can explore by boat. There are various selfie spots that are distributed to satisfy those of you who like to pose in front of the camera.

Of the many photo spots, the one that visitors like the most is the bamboo bridge whose shape is ‘Love’. Dеngаn background реrbukіtаn уаng hіjаu, mеmbuаt Bаruѕеn іnі bаnуаk dіkunjungі para tourists. You can also try the water park which is also one of the pulling forces. Even the facilities offered by Barusen Hill are also fairly complete and adequate. Those of you who want to linger for a long time can stay at villa Barusen Hillnya.

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3. Indo Wisata Permata (IWP)

It could be that the name Indo Wisata Permata or IWP still sounds unfamiliar to all travelers. Because indeed this tourist attraction is still fairly new but has managed to attract a lot of attention. IWP offers tours with a travel theme that is perfect for you diamond enthusiasts. Because, in this area you can pay attention to the process of making precious stones, namely these diamonds directly.

Diamond processing in this one place does not use traditional methods, but uses advanced tools with the latest technology. Not only is it a place that can raise your horizons, but IWP is also a paradise for those of you who are willing to collect diamonds. In this place there is also a special gallery that you can visit to shop for diamonds. There is also a café that also provides a variety of interesting menus. Well, those were some reviews that discuss the latest Bandung tourist attractions if you are in the city of Bandung, don’t forget to visit the places described above.

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