The Latest Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Ngawi

Ngawi tourist attractions offer a recomended natural aesthetic charm for you to visit while on vacation with your family. Enjoy the anti-mainstream spots presented by Ngawi natural attractions for an unforgettable vacation trip.

East Java comes with a variety of the best natural tourist destinations not only Malang. Many other cities present the best tourist destinations for you to explore with your family, one of which is Ngawi Regency, East Java.

There are many new and cheap Ngawi tourist attractions in Ngawi Regency that are interesting for you to visit with your family. Starting from natural attractions, history, culture to educational destinations that will bring your vacation trip in Ngawi even more joyous.

The Latest Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Ngawi

Spend a holiday with a loved one in Ngawi Regency, East Java, enjoying its best destinations. When you are on vacation but confused about where to go when exploring Ngawi? Don’t worry because Sikidang has recommendations for the best Ngawi tourist attractions. Here’s a list of the latest, popular and best Ngawi tourist attractions that can be visite for a family vacation:

1. Srambang Waterfall

Traveling in the open is often the main agenda during holidays. If you are one of the people who likes to travel waterfalls, Ngawi has Srambang Waterfall which is rich in interesting photo spots. Not only that, in this place, various public facilities have also been built.

Until at the waterfall, visitors will immediately be amaze at the taste. The tone of fresh water, cool air, rows of shady trees seemed to increase the shahdu. There are also interesting spots to just take pictures, such as colorful balloons hanging down, winding stairs with beautiful colors, not to forget the three golden female statues.

2. Bridal Falls

Bridal Falls tour is quite popular among the population. Not only because of its exotic appearance and has a cool impression, waterfalls can also be popular because they use to be one of the settings shown in horror films in Indonesia.

Judging from the name, this waterfall has a mythical content that is believe by most people. These myths, for example, are like if there are lovers who visit this waterfall, later their interactions can last and continue to feel satisfied.

3. Pendem Ngawi Fort

Before it was calle Fort Pendem, this tourist spot was once referre to as Van den Bosc Fortress. This is because this fortress is one of the mementos that originated from the era of the Belanda colonial government which is still preserve today.

If you visit this Pendem Fortress, you will be spoile with the architectural charm of a very beautiful building. Not only that, there are also some relics of the colonial era such as dungeons. Army barracks, to some weapons that can be searche for information through the officers there.

4. Soerjo Monument

This tourist destination in Ngawi is a historical educational tour. Quoted by name from the former Governor of East Java who die the implications of the PKI tragedy in 1998. So this monument was deliberately built to remember his services in the era of the tragedy.

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The location of this monument is very comfortable because it is surrounde. By shady and shady trees to create a beautiful and cool impression. There, you can also dig up some news related to the PKI tragedy in 1998. Those are some of the reviews above that discuss ngawi tourist attractions, hopefully they will be useful and thank you.

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