The Most Exciting and Exciting Water Tours in Klaten

For those who want to find alternative tourist attractions not only in Yogyakarta or Solo, it is not wrong to stop by the neighboring district, Klaten. Because, there are many tourist attractions, especially water tourism in Klaten. And here are the recommendations.

The Most Exciting and Exciting Water Tours in Klaten

1. Umbul Gedaren is fun and time for health therapy

Not only has a fun atmosphere, Umbul Gedaren also has a pool that can be used for healing therapy for various diseases. Having clear natural springs and shady trees around it, this water tourist spot in Klaten, also known as Umbul Tirto Pawitro Sari, has many supporting facilities, so you don’t have to be confused if you want to find food or perform worship.

2. Besuki’s pennant is no less cool

Located in the Ponggok area, Umbul Besuki is an alternative that can be visited for water tourism places not only Umbul Ponggok. Not only bathing in a pool with clear springs under shady trees, you can also take a selfie or wefie to add instagram content considering the scenery offered is very Instagenic.

3. Natural Water Gong

Once used as a landfill, Water Gong Klaten has now turned into a clear and natural water tourist spot. With the gejikan river flowing, which has springs from Sigedang and Kapilaler, Water Gong has many things to enjoy.

Starting from the clear and fresh water, so it can be a place to bathe or just play in the water, especially looking at the beauty and cleanliness of the environment can also be a separate therapy for mental health. There are also tilapia fish that are distributed, adding to the uniqueness of this water tourist spot in Klaten.

4. Siblarak Pennant that starts to hype

Umbul Siblarak is one of the new water tourist attractions in Klaten that has increased in popularity. Not only because it offers clear water, but the view is also very impressive.

Consisting of two ponds, this pennant is in the middle of rice fields, which presents a beautiful and natural atmosphere. The clear spring water also guarantees that visitors who play on this pennant will feel freshness. Coupled with a number of unique floating balloons, you can take pictures to add to your Instagram account posts.

5. Kapilaler pennant is very natural

Want to soak in a fun water tourism destination in Klaten, Umbul Kapilaler can be your reference. Not only the water is fresh, but also the location of the pennant which is also cool and seems natural. Want to add to the fun? Please dive in and see firsthand the bottom of the pennant filled with tree roots like no other.

6. The popular Ponggok pennant

Umbul Ponggok has become the most popular tourist destination in Klaten recently. The unique underwater scenery is the reason. You can watch television, bike ride, ride a motorbike or ‘Go to school’ and various other activities. Interesting, right?

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7. Instagenic Cokro pennant

Who doesn’t like to play in the water? It’s even more so if the water is so cold and refreshing! Not to mention the atmosphere and atmosphere which is also fun to enjoy the day. At the Cokro spring, Klaten, you can get the ‘Luxury’ and enjoy the freshness, which will surely refresh your heart and mind that is frantic. Those are some recommendations for water tourism in Klaten. For those of you who are admirers of swimming and want to do activities with family or friends. Visiting one of those places can be a fun activity. Happy holidays!

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