The Most Hits Purworejo Tour, Suitable for Your Vacation

Purworejo is indeed one of the cities that is not very popular like Malang. But unexpectedly, there are many of purworejo’s most hit tourist attractions that can be dug up and also developed again. This regency has a distance with a travel time of only 1 hour drive from Yogyakarta.

There are many tourist attractions that are relied on and also attract the visit of tourists. Whether it’s natural or artificial tourism, Purworejo is the right choice to relieve fatigue and fatigue due to activities. Here are purworejo‘s most hit recommendations.

The Most Hits Purworejo Tour, Suitable for Your Vacation

1.      Curug Muncar

The first attraction is Curug Muncar. This waterfall tour is indeed idolized because it has a beautiful natural atmosphere. It has an altitude of 900 m above sea level. To get to the location requires a little struggle because of the difficult and uphill terrain.

But during the trip tourists can enjoy the soothing scenery. Curug Muncar is in Brunorejo Purworejo. Tourists can play in the water or take a bath with the sensation of cold and cool water.

2.      Curug Silangit

Waterfalls can always make tourists fall in love with him. That’s what is felt when it comes to Curug Silangit which is located in Purworejo. The water that falls from above a height of approximately 30 meters is divided into three levels.

Adjusted to its name, Curug Silangit is in the highest position of the waterfall. Not only seeing the stunning natural charm of the waterfall, you will know that the neat arrangement of rocks around the river has its own artistic value.

The river, which has a fast current, is also equipped with some rapids. Just by looking at it from a distance, it feels like it can already bring additional happiness to tourists.

3.      Natural Forest

The next tourist attraction in Purworejo is the Natural Forest. This forest is indeed manage directly by the local government and has proven to be good. Often used for camping and used like outbound activities.

The existence of pine forests is very friendly for children. This tour is often use as a photo hunting place. This tour is located in Mayungsari Village. The tour, which is often also referre to as Kusumo Asri, is suitable for adventure activities.

4.      Purworejo Square(purworejo’s most hit)

Purworejo square is a tourist destination that should not be misse. The place where the square is very spacious and planted with a pair of banyan trees, is actually the attraction. Moreover, the pair of banyan trees were importe directly from the Royal Palace. This is why the large, shady tree is so attractive to see.

When looking at the surrounding places, you will find a number of important buildings such as the Great Mosque of Darul Muttaqin to the office of the Setda Purworejo. Inside the mosque, tourists do not just find peace after offering prayers. But it can also see the greatest bedug that exists in the world. Interesting isn’t it ?

5.      Ketawang Beach

Vacationing and relaxing on the beach is often an activity that many people dream of. This time visited Ketawang Beach which has a beautiful and natural atmosphere. This beach is still relatively quiet because not many investors have glanced. Even though the tourism potential at Ketawang Beach is indeed so great because of its beauty.

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There are often horse racing competitions held by local residents. Ketawang Beach is located in Ketawang Village, Purworejo. The distance is quite close to the city center and few buildings that support beach access. That’s a series of Purbalingga tours that are the most hits and most recommended. Want a vacation? Just visit Purbalingga. Don’t hesitate with the excitement and fun, your vacation will be very memorable. Happy visiting!

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