Things to Do in Parangtritis Beach, the Throne of the South Ruler

If you are asking what is the number one beach in Jogja, the answer would be Parangtritis Beach. This location has unique morphology in the type of aeolian morphology of the sand dunes. Where the wind brings and moves the sand particles in any direction and makes various shapes.

Aside from the sand dunes area, Parangtritis is also famous for its myth. The locals believe that the beach is the throne for the south sea under Java Island ruler, Nyi Roro Kidul. Until today, many still held rites to worship her.

Location and Entrance Fee

Parangtritis Beach is located in Jogja, officially named Yogyakarta, a province on the south side of Java Island. The distance is about 27 km from the city to the south. You can either choose Jl. Parangtritis to Kretek until finding the beach, or head from the city toward Imogiri and reach the beach.

The beach was named so because administratively it is in Parangtritis Village, Kretek, Bantul Regency. Also, to enter the place you only need to pay 10 thousand rupiahs on any day. Even if you come on a weekend or holiday season, the entrance price is still the same.

What to Do in Parangtritis

Although the south side of Java hides many beautiful beaches, Parangtritis never loses its visitors. Because there are many activities that you can do here, such as:

1. Horse and Carriage Riding

Try to ride a horse on the beach in Parangtritis. Even though you do not have the skill, you can still try this activity. Because the horse owner will lead the horse and help you manage it. But if you are too afraid to do that, there is another option for riding a horse-drawn carriage

2. Paragliding

There are only a few paragliding spots in Java and Parangtritis is one of them. Moreover, in the province, this is the only spot. By doing this, you can enjoy the Parangtritis view from 200 m above sea level. 

3. Fly a Kite

There is another option of activity while on a beach, flying a kite. But not every beach is a good place to do this, because some might be rocky or hilly. To fly a kite, the beach must be wide enough for running around and covered with sand for safety reasons. Thus, with its wide sandy beach, Parangtritis is the place where you can do this activity.

4. Surfing

The Indian Ocean, the sea on the south side of Java, is one of the three largest oceans in the world. Thus, it has high waves that are perfect for surfing. But because of the same reason, you also have to be cautious.

5. Enjoying Sunset until Stargazing Time

Because of the clear view of the horizon, you can enjoy the sunset time at Parangtritis. Further, if you are willing to stay for a few moments, then you can also stargaze in this place. The lack of lamps above the water will make the sky clearer.

Those are the things that you can do in Parangtritis Beach. Among other beaches, this place has the easiest access. Also, because of the rites, many people always come to this beach for various reasons.

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