Tidung Island, the Perfect Gateway Close to the Capital

Located near the capital of Indonesia, Tidung Island started to gain attention. The natural look of the island became the main attraction on why people keep coming there. Also, the fact that this island actually has two parts that are connected by a bridge also plays a huge factor.

Tidung administratively is a part of Kepulauan Seribu Regency. In the local tongue, Kepulauan Seribu means thousands of islands, due to the various number of islands in the area. The regency is also part of Jakarta Province, the capital of the country.

Reasons to Come to Tidung Island

So, why do we suggest you come to Tidung Island? Here are the reasons why this place is worth visiting:

1. As Exotic as Any Tropical Island Should Be

Compared to the other islands in the area, you can say that Tidung is less developed. But this is the reason why people opt to come to this island instead. Because you can still feel the natural exotic and tropical ambiance of the island. 

2. Run by the Local Community

The island’s less developed state is actually due to the local’s decision. Because the 4 thousand inhabitants on the island choose to work together in building the place as a tourist destination themselves. Hence, they are more proud of the fact that Tidung is community-based and less commercial than others. 

3. Exciting Water Sport

Although Tidung is a community-based destination, it does not mean it lacks any attraction. Because you will still get the exciting water sports experience in this place. 

Aside from snorkeling and diving which are obvious activities to do on a tropical island, there are also other water sports. The exciting sport like banana boat and donat boat can also be your option to relieve stress. 

4. Close to Jakarta

You can say that this one actually is the main reason to visit the place. Because you can easily reach the place from the country’s capital city. Hence, you don’t have to prepare extra travel time just for a simple gateway. Thus, you can even come to this place on the weekend and back to your business in the city on Monday. 

How to Get There and How Much It Cost

To get to the island, you have to come by water transportation from Jakarta. In Muara Angke Port, you can get a ferry or wooden boat ride that will take you to the island in 3 hours. But if you think it was too long, then you can also come from Ancol Marina Harbor and take the speed boat for 1.5 hours only.

To enjoy your time there, it would be better to use a travel agent instead of solo travel. This way, you can fully enjoy your time there without thinking over the accommodation or meals. Everything is planned and all you have to do is throw your stress away.

The package counted on how long you will be there and what transportation you choose to use. Also, how many people on each tour will also affect the price that you have to pay. But the average price that you have to pay is 1.25 million by speed boat and 830 thousand rupiahs per person for a 2D1N trip with only 2 pax.

Tidung Island is the new prima donna of Kepulauan Seribu Regency’s tourist destination. This place will be a perfect getaway if you wish for a short rest before getting back to your busy life. 

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