The Beauty of tour in Pati That Should Not Be Missed On Vacation

You must still be unfamiliar with Pati, right? Pati is one of the regencies in Central Java and many tours in Pati are recommended. Destination tour in Pati are very diverse that can spoil your eyes.

However, most of them are coastal tourism because they are directly adjacent to the Java Sea. Those of you who want to travel can also go to Pati to enjoy its natural beauty, and have scenery that you can’t find anywhere else. Here’s a review of the most recommended places to tour in Pati.

The Beauty of Tourism in Pati That Should Not Be Missed On Vacation

1. Seloromo Reservoir

For those of you who love the world of photography and are in the mood to shoot natural gardening, then Seloromo Reservoir is the right place. The reason is that this place has recently become popular among photography because it has a beautiful natural charm.

This location is also widely used as a place to do pre-wedding photos because of its helpful natural scenery. This reservoir is still not many people visit, you can do photography activities, play water, and relax without worrying about disturbances.

2. Banyutowo Beach

Because it is close and directly adjacent to the Java Sea, Banyutowo beach is a typical Pati tourist destination that you should not forget. Banyutowo Beach is a beach that is also bordered by Jepara Regency.

Due to its natural atmosphere that is still helpful, this beach is often used as a place to do family picnics. If you are lucky, you can watch various folk traditions that perform sea alms rituals there at any given time.

3. Jolong Pati Tourism Village

If you plan to do camping, either for family activities or agency activities, then Jolong Pati tourist village is the right choice. It has a campground with beautiful natural scenery and is never empty of visitors.

Not only the campground, you can also enjoy the small waterfall nearby, namely the Grenjengan waterfall. You can also visit the coffee plantation directly which is processed and maintained by the villagers.

4. Tour in Pati Mount Rowo Reservoir

In the end, it is a man-made tourist destination that has an interesting natural charm, namely the Gunug Rowo Reservoir. This reservoir is used by local residents as a source of water to irrigate their fields and gardens.

You can visit this reservoir over the weekend if you want to get a lot of interesting activities around it. If you want a quieter atmosphere, you can stop by on weekdays and enjoy the charm of this reservoir more calmly.

5. Sambilawang Beach Mangrove Forest

Mangrove forests or mangrove forests have recently become popular tourist attractions because they display different beauties. Not only can you enjoy the beach atmosphere, you can also enjoy the beauty of mangrove forests.

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In Pati you can visit the mangrove forest by stopping directly to Sambilawang Beach. This beach has an area of 8 hectares and more than one large overgrown with mangrove forests around it.

Those are some of the tourist attractions in Pati. The city of Pati is not as widely known as other cities, but make no mistake! The beauty and uniqueness of its tourism makes tourists reluctant to go home and its natural atmosphere that makes your vacation memorable. Are you sure you don’t want to visit? Let’s take a vacation to Pati!

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