Let’s Visit! Tourism in Pemalang is Very Beautiful, you know!

Pemalang can be heard as one of the places in Central Java. And who is the place tour in Pemalang many beautiful. There is a hidden paradise in Pemalang where it is worth exploring as a tourist destination and also the geographical area does support beautiful natural tourism.

Starting from the mountains to the beach, Pemalang has this natural attraction. Luxury and exciting holidays now don’t need to be far away. Here are recommendations for places to tour in Pemalang.

Let’s Visit! Tourism in Pemalang is Very Beautiful, you know!

1. Blendung Beach

Its name is Blendung Beach. This beach does look natural and deserted for visitors. There has not been much development and also the existing facilities are still small. But for those who like to calm their minds and just play on the beach, so this beach is highly recommended to visit.

There is a beautiful panorama especially for those who want to enjoy the tour in the afternoon. Blendung Beach is located in Blendung Village, Ulujami district. This tourist attraction is quite crowded when visiting on weekends or holidays.

2. Curug Bengkawah Pemalang

The next tourist attraction in Pemalang is Curug Bengkawah Pemalang. This tour has not touched much. This beautiful waterfall also has road access that is quite difficult to reach. No wonder the waterfall is empty of visitors even though its beauty is also unparalleled.

There is something unique about this waterfall, namely the splitting of the waterfall into two because it is separated by a stone. The location of Curug Bengkawah Pemalang is in Sikasut Village, Belik district. This place is suitable to be used as a weekend tourist spot with family.

3. Telaga Rengganis

The next tour in Pemalang is Telaga Rengganis. There is clear water in the middle of the pine forest that gives its own value and impression for tourists. Although not so big, the background of the pine forest is often used as a photo spot.

The situation and the air are so cool and also trigger many tourists to calm down. The location of Telaga Rengganis is in Gapura Village, Watukumpul District. To reach the location, tourists can ask local residents because the location is indeed famous.

4. Pemalang Silating Lake

This unique designation is tailored to the tourist attractions offered. Telaga Silating is surrounded by hills and also rice fields of residents in sektiar. For now the lake is used as a tourist attraction complete with facilities and also crowded to visit.

The location of Telaga Silating is in Sikasus Village, Belik District. Beautiful lake with a beautiful atmosphere and still cool. Suitable for tourists who want to refresh their minds.

5. Semugih Tea Garden

Not only in the cool silating lake but visiting this tea garden also makes anyone calm in thinking and relieves fatigue. Its name is Semugih Pemalang Tea Garden.

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The natural conditions of the highlands are green and fresh air and also the cold can be enjoyed here. Semugih Tea Garden is located in Sidamulya Village, Moga district. Tourists do not have to go far to Bogor if they really want to stop by to a cool tourist area such as this tea garden.

Those are some of the tourist attractions in Pemalang. If you are still confused about where to go on vacation? Pemalang tourism that has been recommended above can be an option. Welcome to visit.

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