Tours in Purbalingga that are Most Suitable to Visit On Vacation

Visiting tourist attractions in Purbalingga can be a fairly effective ride for refreshing just to relieve fatigue on weekends. With a large selection of tourist attractions in this region, you can visit some of them that are very popular. The following are recommendations for places to tour in Purbalingga that are currently being visited by tourists.

Tours in Purbalingga that are Most Suitable to Visit On Vacation

1. Dita Pelangi Swimming Pool

Dita Pelang Swimming Pool is one of the family tourist destinations in Purbalingga which is still fairly new. The entrance ticket price is still expected to be approximately Rp. 7,000 with a variety of adequate public facilities. You can make this tourist attraction an alternative vacation at the end of the week. Location: Binangun Village, Mrebet, Purbalingga, Central Java.

2. Mertelu Purbalingga Hill

Bukit Mertelu is a new destination in Purbalingga which opened around mid-2017. Beautiful scenery with unique spots in the style of sky swings is suddenly crowded with tourists until now. Some instagramable photos began to spread hits on social media, no wonder many of the tourists are hunting for photos around the location.

Bukit Mertelu is an adaptation of some beautiful selfie spots in other cities, such as Bandung and Jogja. With a contemporary tourist style, on this hill there is also a viewing booth with a landscape of purbalingga area from the highlands.

3. Telkom Pratin Peak

Tourist attractions with views of green hills from a height, you can find at the top of Telkom Pratin. Plus, the cool atmosphere tends to be cold bringing the effect of this viewpoint that you can use as a place to take a break for a while to unwind.

Well, if you want to hang out in the afternoon, try stopping by here. Here you can welcome the sun hidden in the west, enjoy the fresh air, and then live the roar of the wind that is blowing your heart’ wounds.

At the very least you can produce instagenic photos with beautiful landcsape panoramas. Different conditions can also be found while stopping by at night, suitable for those of you who want to find a romantic atmosphere.

4. Purbalingga Sendaren Peak

Although the peak of Senderan is not a new tour in Purbalingga, but the selfie bridge there is always a hit on Instagram. Senderan’s peak bridge is suitable for those of you who want to hunt for cool photos with a beautiful panoramic background.

Although this area is beautiful to take selfies, it is not easy to reach the location. It takes caution to get to a location with a fairly challenging terrain. However, you don’t have to worry. The adrenaline that is very stimulated will pay off when you are at the top.

5. Wuled Mountain Tourism Village

Gunungwuled Village is a hidden village and is completely not exposed in the media. It is more popular with Serang Village and Panusupan village. Not only far from the city of Purbalingga, Gunungwelud has also not been recorded as a tourist destination.

Although it is almost never discussed. But that doesn’t mean Gunungwelud is without potential. Especially later photos of the Sibarat peak viewing booth and lanterns in the middle of the rice fields around the location began to hit on Instagram.

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Not only the two hits above, there are some other attractions that can be used as an alternative vacation for just photo hunting. Such as the Subordinate waterfall, Kalipete waterfall, Panyatan River, andaget hot water, and Geong watu.

Those are some of the tourist attractions that are often visited in Purbalingga. Interested in visiting? Feel free to take a vacation there. There will be many exciting experiences to be had. Happy holidays!

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