Tour Recommendation in Rembang, The Third Most Awesome!

Vacationing in Central Java is often only to more than one city that has been famous in the ears of residents. Rembang is one of the cities that is not enough to look at because there are not many places to tour in Rembang that are known by the public.

The city that comes to mind when mentioning the nickname Kartini turns out to have a series of destinations that are not to be missed. This salt-producing city does not have a tourist city label, but it presents a natural charm that is no less interesting. Here are a row of places to tour in Rembang that are interesting to visit during vacation time.

Tour Recommendation in Rembang, The Third Most Awesome!

1. Ginger Coral Beach

This tourist attraction is the choice of many residents around Rembang because it has an amazingly beautiful view. This tour is suitable for all ages, from teenagers to adults.

There are various means and games, such as beach car rental and atv motorbikes. What makes this location interesting, precisely in terms of its name which is taken from the coral rocks on the shore that are very large with a color resembling ginger.

2. Pantai Caruban

For tourists who want to find a place to overtake for a while, this beach is perfect. Not much is known by the residents, making this location still relatively quiet. However, the attractions are quite interesting such as the wide coastline, calm waves, and lush spruce rows. This place is suitable for those of you who want to swim or play in the water because the waves are safe and do not have the potential to take you to the middle of the sea.

3. Red Bridge of Mangrove Forest

As the name suggests, this place is dominated by mangroves with a red bridge that runs along the road. You will be treated to a beautiful and cool panorama when you are in this place.

Activities that can be done include fishing and taking pictures in more than one iconic spot. Reaching this unique location, you must happen for about 5 minutes or be able to rent an ojek provided by the people approximately along with an affordable price.

4. Dampo Awang Beach

Labeled as a family tourist attraction because it presents a variety of facilities that are suitable for groups of relatives. The area, which was once not well maintained enough, is already equipped with various facilities and facilities. You can play, swim, relax, and hunt for cooking tours. Not only that, for those who bring children, they can invite them to a mini fauna park as the easiest educational event to introduce the richness of fauna in Indonesia.

5. Watu Congol Lasem

For fans of the busy climbing it seems that they will really like this place. The reason is, Watu Congol Lasem provides additional primary tensile strength in the form of giant stones available at the top of the hill. After reaching the top, you can enjoy the aesthetics of nature more or less in Rembang regency from a height.

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To achieve something, surely you will struggle more, as well as to reach a giant new peak in this Lasem place. Come on, who covets the holidays. Rembang can be an incorrect one recommendation for a vacation. Coming from more than one of the top recommendations above you can choose one of the best. Or you can try one-on-one. Welcome!

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