Tourism of Central Java Province

Tourism of Central Java Province – Dieng Plateau has become a tourist magnet to visit Central Java. In Dieng, tourists can enjoy the sensation of a vacation with a beautiful and natural mountain Dieng Plateau atmosphere. Cool air tends to be cold, combined with charming natural charm can be because.

Geographically, the Dieng Plateau area is located in six districts, namely Wonosobo, Banjarnegara, Batang, Pekalongan, Temanggung, & Kendal. However, tourist attractions in Dieng are more poly in Wonosobo and Banjarnegara.

Tourism of Central Java Province

There are at least 10 tourist sites that must be visited when vacationing in the country above the clouds. Because the location of tourist sites is close to each other. So, once a vacation to Dieng,  Here is a list of 10 tourist attractions in Dieng that must be visited while on vacation to Dieng:

The scenery on Mount Prau has always succeeded in making anyone miss. No wonder, if the mountain has an altitude of two,565 meters above sea level as the target of climbers.

Mount Prau

On Mount Prau, climbers can witness how magical the sunrise panorama, the sea of clouds, and the landscape of various mountains that are visible based on the top of Mount Prau. Even some climbers say, the sunrise panorama on Mount Prau is the best in Southeast Asia.

If Mount Prau is still considered too high, tourists can divert destinations to Bukit Sikunir which has an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level. Sikunir Hill shows an aesthetic in the form of a view of eight surrounding mountains that can be seen according to the top of the hill. Similar to Mount Prau. Also use the golden sunrise panorama that can be considered the best.

Bukit Sikunir

To be able to reach Bukit Sikunir, tourists must walk for 30-45 mins from below. Take it easy, the stairs facilities are available and the path is not as difficult as Mount Prau. When on vacation to Bukit Sikunir, tourists will definitely pass through Telaga Cebong. Because this is where, the starting point to start climbing as well as the mount parking lot.

Well, tourists can camp around Telaga Cebong while waiting when to climb Bukit Sikunir in the early hours of the morning. The camp area at more or less Telaga Cebong is also quite spacious and can accommodate hundreds of tents.

Telaga Warna became the error of one tourist icon in Dieng as well as a favorite destination for visitors. Tourists are able to walk on the path that surrounds the lake. The color lake is next to each other using Pengilon Lake. Called Telaga Warna, because the water in this lake is able to change color. Start according to green, yellow, or like a rainbow hue. This is due to the relatively high sulfur content in The Color Lake.

Wind Wailing Viewing Stone

Want to enjoy Telaga Warna by height? Walk for a moment to the Wind Wailing View Stone. Access to the location of Batu Pandang Wailing Angin is not far away according to Telaga Warna. Incomplete taste of a vacation to Dieng if you visit the Arjuna Temple complex which is a relic of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom. There are five temples that line each other straight on the Arjuna Temple complex.

The location of Sikidang Crater which is near the Arjuna Temple complex makes it a must-visit location. Sikidang Crater is one of the volcanic calderas that are still active in Dieng. Tourists are encouraged to use masks when entering the Sikidang Crater area. Because, the smell of sulfur here is very pungent.

Who said Dieng has no savanna? The proof, there is savanna Pangonan which is able to become a holiday destination in Dieng. Pangonan savanna saves the aesthetics of such a vast wild meadow. When the dominant expression of drought, the grass also turns yellow which makes it even more attractive.

Pangonan savanna is not far from the Arjuna Temple complex. While in Savana Pangonan, visitors can enjoy the Arjuna Temple complex & Sikidang Crater from a height. The name Telaga Merdada is indeed not as popular as Telaga Warna. However, the panorama presented is just as exotic. 

Merdada Lake is the largest lake in Dieng which is surrounded by community-owned potato plantation areas. The location of Merdada Lake is between Pangonan Hill and Bukit Sumurup.

Dringo Lake

Dringo Lake is suitable for tourists who want to enjoy a quiet and natural atmosphere. Because not so poly tourists who understand the existence of Telaga Dringo. Because it is at an altitude of two,222 meters above sea level, Telaga Dringo is considered the highest lake in Central Java. In addition, he is also claimed to be a miniature Ranu Kumbolo.

Actually, there are still many tourist attractions in Dieng that are no less exotic, amazing, and beautiful. Call it Candradimuka Crater, Menjer Lake, or other tourist spots. Have you planned a vacation to Dieng? (Contributor)

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