Interesting Tourist Attractions in Jember Visited on Vacation

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Jember – Jember is one of the tourist destinations in East Java that is quite crowde with tourists base on various regions. Tourist destinations in Jember poly in the form of beaches, this is because Jember Regency is directly adjacent to the Indonesian ocean in the South.

Before we talk about tourist attractions in Jember it’s good if we get acquainte with this one city first. Jember Regency has the name of the Capital of Jember, Kab.ini is locate in East Java Province, bordering using several areas such as Probolinggo Regency & Bondowoso Regency in the north, Banyuwangi Regency in the east, Indian Ocean in the south, and Lumajang Regency in the west.

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Jember Visite on Vacation

In addition to beach tourism, Jember also has many natural attractions that are not less interesting to visit. The contours of the area in the form of mountains, making Jember has many natural attractions that are latif. In addition, we are also able to find many plantations in Jember that are interesting for us to go to. There are at least 26 interesting tourist attractions in Jember that have been successfully summarize for you. Tourist Attractions in Jember East Java

Actually not only 26, there are still poly more tourist attractions in Jember that are cool and interesting to visit. If you have a fun experience when the holidays in Jember there is no harm if you share it with us, so that it can be a tourist guide in Jember for others. Well, here are 20 Interesting Tourist Attractions in Jember Visite in our opinion:

Tourist Attractions in Jember: Malikan White Sand Beach (Papuma) Jember Tourist Attractions

The most popular tourist attractions in Jember one of them is Papuma Beach. This beach has a very amazing aesthetic. The white and hygienic beach sand makes the aesthetics of this beach an attraction for tourists according to various regions in Indonesia come on vacation here.

Papuma Jember Beach Tourism

The location of Papuma beach is in Lojejer Village, Wuluhan District, Jember Regency, the distance is approximately ” 45 km base on the city of Jember. On more or less the beach there is also a poly once lodging site, according to the expensive to the cheap festive.

To enter Papuma Beach you only have to pay an entrance ticket of Rp 12,500 per person (prices may change). On more or less this beach there is also an interesting old cave to visit, from the myth of the community, goa lawa is a site inhabite by the daughter of the ruler of the south sea. & also a place calle Kyai Mataram. 

Tourist Attractions in Jember: Watu Ulo Jember Beach Attractions

Tourist attractions in Jember that you must visit next is Watu Ulo Beach, because it is locate adjacent to Papuma beach. Around this beach you can find sellers of various accessories made according to the seabe. On this beach is always held a Fair event on every tofu precisely on the 1-10th of shawwal. The scenery on more or less this beach is very enchanting, you will feel at home lingering on this beach. So it is very loss if you visit Jmeber but do not stop by watu ulo beach. 

Bandealit Beach Family Attractions in Jember

In addition to two beaches, there are beaches in Jember that must be visite, namely Bandealita beach. This beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jember. Especially for those who are happy with water sports such as body surfing. You can rent equipment for body surfing that has been provide by the beach manager.

There are many other options besides body surfing, you can choose canoeing. Down the river by using speedboot, or see poly birds that shark in the place. On more or less the beach, Here there is a Green House which as a place to live for orchid flowers. You can see a collection of orchid plants. And the other tourist attraction is a breeding ground for timor deer. 

Puger Beach Attractions in Jember

Another tourist site in Jember in the form of a beach that you cannot miss is Puger Jember Beach. This beach as one of the favorite tourist destinations in Jember which is always crowde by tourists.

Puger Beach Attractions in Jember

On more or less Puger beach there is also a fish auction place. You are also able to do fishing activities on this beach. You can also see the Puger Watangan Nature Reserve which is locate in approximately the Puger Beach area. Using the charm of the origin of the water.

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