Tourist Attractions in Jember Latest and Terhits

Tourist attractions in Jember are currently slowly but surely starting to be glimpsed by tourists. Where, this place has a variety of natural charms that you should not miss. When viewed from the movement, the city dubbed as a carnival city is almost similar to solo.

Have cultural assets that can be explored well. Therefore, it is not surprising that many tourists have changed to visit this place. Interestingly, Jember is not only impressive about its nature, but about the history of this city also saves it very well.

There are many reasons that require you to visit this place, one of which is the hospitality of its citizens who are already a little concerned about the development of natural tourism that belongs to it. So, you feel like you’re back in the second house.

The city of Jember does not have a definite history whether in the past, this area once stood a kingdom or not. Because, from the area of the tourist attraction this place does not have a temple attraction like in other places.

Tourist Attractions in Jember Latest and Terhits

1.      Papuma Beach

The first attraction in Jember East Java that you can visit is Papuma Beach. This place can be said to be the best tour. It has the beauty of beach sand that is charming and fascinates the heart of every visitor who comes. In this place, you don’t need to be afraid to eat or buy drinks. Because, there are many stalls that provide a variety of delicious sea preparations.

2.      Duplang Site

This site will give you a history lesson about human civilization in the past. Here, you can enjoy a variety of interesting sites such as 2 menhir stones, 69 pieces of watu kenong, lumpang makam, tomb of stone chests and also 6 pieces of dolmen. These ancient objects also have a variety of diverse functions and became the beliefs of ancient peoples.

3.      Dira Park Jember Tourism

This family tourist spot in Jember presents a variety of overseas charms, especially the Dutch windmill country whose atmosphere and nuances are like photo copies. The main attraction of this tourist attraction is the houses that are made similar to the Dutch House. So, you can make it as one of the photo spots

Not only the house but, all the atmosphere is made as close as possible complete with swimming pools, plantations and many more beauty. Not only photo spots, you can enjoy a variety of fun game rides such as, flayer games, earrings, water bikes and many more. If you come to Jember do not not visit this tourist spot.

4.      Termite Falls

The name of this tourist attraction does seem less pleasant to hear. It’s just that its charm and beauty can never be imagined and never thought of. The trip to this tourist attraction you have to be careful moreover, during the rainy season. Because, the road is very slippery and can make you fall at any time.


Well, those were some tourist attractions in Jember that you must visit Finally, the first trip to tourist attractions in Jember. Enjoying this city makes you lulled and fascinated. So, don’t miss every corner of its beauty well!!

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