Tourist Attractions in Mojokerto That Attract Tourists To Visit

The aesthetics of East Java are endless when discussed, just try to prove it by visiting various tourist attractions in Mojokerto. Locate not far from the city of Surabaya, Mojokerto is known as the smallest city in Indonesia because it has an area of only about 16.47 square kilometers. But mojokerto itself has many tourist attractions. Therefore, there are several tourist attractions in Mojokerto that can be visited

The smallness of this city does not make Mojokerto not suitable for vacations. In fact, there are many tourist attractions in Mojokerto and also photo spots in Mojokerto that are instagramable, especially in the Mojokerto Regency area. Come on, find out the following tourist attractions in Mojokerto that must be visite.

Tourist Attractions in Mojokerto That Attract Tourists To Visit

1.     Selotapak Terraces

If you like holidays to places that present the aesthetics of rice fields such as Ubud Bali, the sign is a must visit the Selotapak Terraces. This terraced rice field located at the foot of Mount Penanggungan offers a beautiful panorama with the background of Mount Welirang.

Activities that can be done at tourist attractions in Mojokerto include seeing sunrise and sunset to hunting for photo spots in Mojokerto that are unique. Try going foot to the rice fields and take a photo against the backdrop of the beautiful scenery.

You can also visit Café Gartenhutte which offers delicious cuisine and also instagramable photo spots. To come to Mojokerto tourism in Trawas District, you can travel approximately 1.5 hours from Surabaya and 1 hour from Malang.

2.     Watu Jengger Peak

For those of you who like hiking or hiking, just visit Watu Jengger Peak. This tourist spot in Mojokerto has an altitude of about 1,100 meters above sea level. During the hiking trip, you will be presente with views of the hills in the Raden Soerjo Forest Park area.

To reach this Mojokerto tour, you can take the Jatirejo – Wonosalam route, then head to Nawangan Village. Use sandals and comfortable footwear so that the hiking trip is not constraine. The entire climbing time can be passe approximately 2 hours for beginners and also 1-1.5 hours for professional climbers. Don’t forget to take pictures with the view of the green trees when you get to the top.

3.     Ranu Manduro

This tourist spot in Mojokerto went viral because its beauty was juxtapose with New Zealand. If you are curious, the scenery that can be found here is a green grassland with some natural rocks scattere in various places plus a very beautiful mountain background. This scene is also reminiscent of the filming set of the movie Jurassic Park.

Located in Ngoro District, Ranu Manduro is actually not a tourist attraction. Instead, it is a place of increase so visitors must be careful of the number of holes and boulders along the place.

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4.     Gempong Source

Want to go on a nature tour, but also get a variety of exciting activities? Vacation to Gempong Source only! This Mojokerto tour is a natural spring with views of terraced rice fields and mountains. Located in Sukorame Hamlet, you can soak until you swim in an outdoor swimming pool where the water comes from natural springs.  Not only that, but you can also try a variety of exciting activities at Sumber Gempong. Starting from trying water bike facilities, riding atvs, to camping. Well, those are some reviews about tourist attractions in Mojokerto for that visit the tour so you don’t miss it and thank you.

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