Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra Latest (Interesting!)

Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra – North Sumatra is one of the largest provinces in Indonesia, and has a very enchanting natural beauty. no wonder if many tourist attractions in North Sumatra that present a very charming natural panorama. in addition to natural tourism, you can find other tours, such as: religious tourism, culture, culinary, to historical tourism.

Many tourists who come to North Sumatra to just take a vacation enjoy the various tourist charms offere. Each tourist spot offers a different beauty and uniqueness. If you are planning to visit North Sumatra, here are recommendations for interesting tourist attractions in North Sumatra.

Tourist Attractions in North Sumatra Latest (Interesting!)

List of Interesting Attractions in North Sumatra:

1. Hillpark Sibolangit / Green Hill City

Hillpark Sibolangit is an artificial tourist spot locate on Jl. Letjen Jamin Ginting, Sibolangit, Kab. Deli Serdang, North Sumatra.

Many people consider Hillpark Sibolangit is The Money of Sumut. The price of this theme park is divide into two, namely regular tickets (50,000) and canals (90,000).

Sibolangit is divide into 3 themes, namely:

  • Lost City
  • Toon Town, and
  • Heritage.

In lost city design ancient architecture and existing rides such as: roller coaster, ferris wheel, etc. Toon Town is an area with a cartoon feel of children with rides such as: mini bombom, ajut-ajut, etc. heritage with game rides with royal times and you can watch 4-dimensional movies. 

2. Lake Toba

The most must-visit tourist spot in North Sumatra is Lake Toba. this volcanic lake that has a depth of 1600 meters is an icon of North Sumatra. you will not regret visiting Lake Toba because it has a charming natural panorama with a cool atmosphere, green mountains and a clear blue lake water.

If you visit Lake Toba, you will also find a very friendly Toba community with customs traditions that are still very thick. Not only enjoy the natural panorama, you can also do mountaineering, sailing by sailing by sailing boat, to visit Samosir Island. 

3. Samosir Island

Samosir Island is locate in the middle of Lake Toba which consists of more than 100 villages. Uniquely, although it is in the middle of the lake, but Samosir Island has 2 lakes, namely Lake Sidihoni and Aek Natonang which are no less beautiful and attract tourists.

Tomok Village on Samosir Island serves as a museum and you can find the original house of King Sidabutar. There are also batak wealth that you can buy for souvenirs, such as: traditional woven fabrics, traditional clothes, to batak accessories.

If you are in Lake Toba there are 2 options to Samosir Island, namely the land route (via Tele Road) and the sea route using a ferry. 

4. Medan Zoo

Medan Zoo can be an option for vacationing with family, the location is on Jalan Bunga Rampe IV, about 10 minutes from downtown Medan. There are many species of animals that inhabit Medan Zoo such as mammals, birds, to reptiles and a total of 274 animals.

As a tourist spot, there are various supporting facilities such as: playground, flying fox, lodging, souvenir shop, prayer room, foodcourt, and toilet. You can also ride a horse to surround Medan Zoo with a certain route and of course there is a guide to ensure your safety. If you are intereste, then provide 15,000 / person as an entrance ticket. 

5. Beetle Acid Crocodile Park

For those of you who are lovers of reptiles, especially crocodiles, it is mandatory to visit the Asam Beetle Crocodile Breeding Park. Crocodile breeding locate on JL. Bunga Raya II, Medan is the largest reptile park in Indonesia and an icon of the capital of North Sumatra.

The park, which is on an area of 2 ha, has more than 300 crocodiles in a tub groupe by age. This crocodile breeding park is equippe with CCTV to maintain the safety of not only crocodiles but also visitors who come. To enter the Beetle Acid Breeding Park, you need to prepare 6,000/person. 

6. Linting Lake

The Linting Lake is one of the interesting tourist attractions in North Sumatra, because Lake Linting offers the sensation of a lake with hot water and can be use to swim at certain spots. Linting Lake has a land area of 1 ha this presents a beautiful view of the combination of green trees with the blue color of lake water.

The price of admission to Lake Linting tour, very affordable for 5,000 / person and you can enjoy the view of the lake by renting a mat. Linting Lake is locate at 70 km from the city of Medan and the road terrain is quite winding. There are not many signs, if you want to visit can ask the surrounding residents. 

7. Lau Kawar Lake

Lake Lau Kawar is locate at the foot of Mount Sinabung with enchanting natural panoramas such as the natural panorama of Lake Toba. It is at an altitude of 2,450 meters above sea North Sumatra level. So the weather in Lake Lau Kawar must be cool. The lake water is calm and surrounde by trees that make you feel at home to linger here.

You can do camping activities in the lake area and many mount Sinabung climbers who spend the night to rest. Another activity is to surround the lake by using a raft / boat. Lau Kawar Lake is open daily for 24 hours, and for admission prices of 4,000 / person.

8. Telaga Dwi Warna Sibolangit Waterfall

WIsata alam in North Sumatra is interesting to visit is Telaga Dwi Warna Sibolangit Waterfall locate in Deli Regency. Name Telaga Dwi Warna Waterfall because this lake has 2 colors. Namely the light blue color of sulfur and the gray white color of the phospor content. The content of phosphorus and sulfur makes the water in this lake should not be drunk.

Access to visit natural attractions locate in the foothills of Mount Sibayak is difficult. The distance from the city of Medan is 75 km and the terrain is also difficult. Everything will pay off with the beautiful scenery and coolness of Telaga Dwi Warna Waterfall. 

9. Sipiso-piso Waterfall

North Sumatra does have a million charms from its natural attractions, such as: Sipiso-piso Waterfall. The name of this waterfall comes from the name of the Task given to the land of North Sumatra. Namely the fault of heaven. Sipiso-piso Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia with a water height of 120 meters.

The natural panorama of Sipiso-piso Waterfall is very charming. The combination of the color of the water and the green trees on the left. And right of the waterfall is very spoiling to the eye. If you want to visit this tourist spot requires extra manpower. Because it has 500 steps that must be passe to reach waterfall

10. Al Mashun Grand Mosque

Masjid Raya Al Mashun became one of the icons of medan city besides Maimun Palace. This mosque was built in 1906 and became the oldest mosque in Medan. The design of the mosque combines malay style with the use of yellow because sultan deli. Spain with curve door ornaments and colorful staine glass. And the presence of Indian ornaments on the walls of the mosque.

Al Mashun Mosque is surrounde by eight sturdy marble columns from Italy. Indian patterns can also be seen from the pulpit of the mosque. In addition to the charm of the building and unique patterns. This mosque is also known to have an old Qur’an and you can find at the entrance of male worshipers. You can visit Al Mashun Mosque on Jl. Sisingamangaraja No:61, medan. 11. Maimun Palace Tourist attractions in North Sumatra that are relics of the Deli Kingdom are Maimun Palace.

The palace that is proud by the People of Medan has an area of 2700 meters with. 30 rooms whose architecture is Malay culture by combining India, Islam, Italy, and Spain. Maimun Palace is also adjacent to Al-Maksum Mosque and Medan Grand Mosque. You can see various collections of ancient furniture. Family photos of the Sultanate of Deli, and various kinds of ancient weapons.

The location of Maimun Palace on Jalan Sultan Ma’moen Al Rasyid No. 66 and for the price of admission of 3,000 / child and 5,000 / adult.

11. Hot Snow Dolok High King

Maybe you will be confuse by the name of the hot snow tour. But you don’t need to be confuse. Because the Hot Snow Dolok Tinggi Raja is a crater with a predominance of snow-like colors. This tour is in the form of a lake with hot water in blue-greenish. The snow in question is the land in this tourist area which is white similar to snow.

You need 3 hours by road trip and will face unpave roads. Dolok Tinggi Raja Hot Snow Tour is free but you will be charge a parking fee for your personal vehicle.

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