Let’s Visit The Tourist Attractions in Pacitan

Pacitan is one of the cities in East Java Province. A city famous for the name ‘City of 1001 Goa’, it must be synonymous with many of the caves it has. Moreover, one of the caves, namely Gong Cave, is famous for the Southeast Asian region. Thus, it turns out that tourist attractions in Pacitan are not only in the form of caves.

Pacitan can be a holiday reference for all Advonturers. Although perhaps not as big as other cities in East Java, various tourist attractions in Pacitan deserve to be taken into account. Starting from caves, beaches, to waterfalls in Pacitan also have their own charm.

Let’s Visit The Tourist Attractions in Pacitan

You need to look at the following reviews about the recommendations for Pacitan tourist attractions, who understands that there are things that will make you smitten. If you can’t wait to take a walk to unwind, here are recommendations for Pacitan tourist attractions, for you, Advonturers!

1. Klayar Beach

Tourist Klayar Beach is pacitan’s newest and hit tourist spot. Klayar Beach has a unique rock called the ‘Water Flute, because the large rock will sound a melody similar to whistling if exposed to the wind.

Not only the Nautical Flute, Klayar Beach has a giant coral shaped like a Sphinx pyramid, which is definitely fun if you make your selfie background. Advonturers can visit Tourist Klayar Beach in donorojo area, Pacitan. But, you need to be careful when playing on the beach, because the waves on Klayar Beach are quite large.

2. Watu Sack

Who says that the paradise of surfers is only in Bali? Pacitan also has it! For Advonturers who like to exercise surfing, you can try to visit pacitan tourist attractions on this one, namely Watu Karung Beach. Although to get to this beach is a bit difficult because the place is a little hidden, your fatigue during the trip will certainly pay off when enjoying the panorama of the beach which is one of the newest Pacitan tourist attractions.

The aesthetic view of the coral island and also the clean beach will make you feel at home for a long time here. For those of you who are curious, immediately visit Watu Karung Beach in Widoro Village, Pacitan Regency. Don’t forget to always be careful when surfing!

3. Srau Beach

Pacitan tourist attractions on this one are not as famous as Tourist Klayar Beach. However, the aesthetics of its natural charm really need to be taken into account, especially since it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Java. Srau Beach is one of the newest Pacitan tourist attractions in 2022.

The panorama of the beach with white sand and slightly large waves typical of the south coast, will not make you lose if you stop by Srau Beach. The amazing natural scenery is also not wrong if you make your selfie background. If Advonturers are interested in visiting, then you can visit this Srau Beach in pringkuku place, Pacitan.

4. General Sudirman Monument

The monument, which is one of the newest Pacitan tourist attractions, must be known to many people. The Monument to General Sudirman stands firmly and magnificently in the former headquarters where General Sudirman composed a guerrilla strategy. The dioramas on this monument seem to take you back to the past era. So that you will also feel how great our warriors are to eradicate colonization.

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Uniquely, this monument has a staircase of 70. Which is defined as the sum of numbers in the release of Indonesian independence (17 + 8 + 45). The General Sudirman Monument is definitely okay if you make it a photo spot with your friends. If Advonturers are interested in visiting the Monument of General Sudirman. You can visit it at the place of Baru, Nawangan, Pacitan. Well, those were some reviews that discuss tourist attractions in Pacitan. And don’t forget to visit if you are in Pacitan.

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