3 Tourist Attractions In Situbondo East Java

3 Tourist Attractions In Situbondo East Java – Situbondo is locate in the northern coastal area according Situbondo to the island of Java, its territory is surrounde by a collection of sugarcane plantations, mangroves, Baluran protecte forests and also the location of fisheries businesses make Situbondo famous as one of the agro tourist attractions in East Java.

With its strategic location, precisely in the middle of the Java-Bali land transportation route, making the economic activities of its residents seem active. Situbondo has a port calle Panarukan which is popular to be the eastern end according to the Jalan Raya Pos Anyer – Panarukan on the island of Java which was built by Daendels during the Dutch colonial period. Here are 3 tourist attractions in Situbondo East Java by indonesiatravelmagazine.

3 Tourist Attractions In Situbondo East Java

1. Pathek Situbondo Beach

Pathek Beach is one of the beaches that can be visite when you travel in Situbondo Regency. It is locate approximately five km to the north of the city of Situbondo. Pathek Beach is a beach that is still relatively natural and not too crowde by tourists.

Pathek Beach provides exotic and relatively beautiful natural beauty. The charm of the sunset and underwater objects becomes a special attraction for those of you who are happy to use marine tourism. If the sky is not cloudy, you can see the beautiful sunset in this place.

On the road on the west side according to the location of Pathek Beach. You can see a historical witness in the form of Anyer – Panarukan road, which has been built in the dutch era. The location of Pathek Beach is precisely locate in the village of Gelung, Panarukan – Situbondo subdistrict area.

2. Situbondo Anchor Port

Anchor Port is the main port in situbondo regency and is also a port that has its own charm because it is still in the form of a traditional port in the latest period.

Anchor Port itself is locate in the asembagus subdistrict area. Approximately 35 km to the east according to the city of Situbondo. At more or less the port of Jangkar, tourists who arrive can enjoy when using fishing. Walking by the beach, swimming or sailing from Situbondo to Kalianyer – Madura.

Anchor Port is a place to lean for the ark using destinations to a number of islands. And districts in Madura. For example, Sapudi Island, Raas Island, Kangean & also Kalianget Island. In addition to ferri ships, there are also motor boats make entirely of wood.

3. Situbondo White Sand Beach

Pasir Putih Beach is a very popular beach in East Java and is locate in the Bungatan subdistrict. This place can be reache within a five-hour drive according to surabaya city. Because the location is quite strategic, which is on the outskirts of the main road connecting Surabaya – Banyuwangi. Making tourists who will travel to Bali by land or who go towards Mount Bromo. Base on Banyuwangi City can stop first to visit the location of this White Sand beach.

In this Pasir Putih Beach tourist attraction, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of the beach that can be crowde with tourists on every holiday and weekend. Besides that this white sand beach can be use for diving activities and boating because it has waves that are quite peaceful and have coral reefs that are good enough to explore.

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