Inspiration for Tourist Destinations in Bondowoso

Tourist Destinations in Bondowoso – Bondowoso, is a mini regency in East Java that stores beautiful tourist destinations, complete with Latif scenery with a million charms. Having an area of 1,500 kmĀ², Bondowoso has several diverse tourist attractions, ranging from natural attractions, and historical sites to culture.

So, when you plan to visit Bondowoso, there is no need to worry about running out of tourist destinations because there are poly options offered. Then what are the tourist destinations contained in Bondowoso? Find out in indonesiatravelmagazine, come on!

Inspiration for Tourist Destinations in Bondowoso

Tancak Kembar Pakem Waterfall

Location: Forest, Andungsari, Pakem, Bondowoso Regency, East Java 68253

The first Bondowoso tourist destination is a waterfall called Tancak Kembar Pakem Waterfall. The outdated natural destination found in Bondowoso is also equipped with myths, that is, anyone who bathes under this waterfall is allegedly able to have a long life.

One important note if you plan to visit this waterfall is mandatory to provide extra energy because of its location is a little far away and the terrain is relatively heavy.

Bukit Mahadewa

Location: Gunung, Kupang, Curah Dami, Bondowoso Regency, East Java 68251

One more Bondowoso tourist destination that is suitable for those of you who like photography. In addition to being a very beautiful spot photo, Bukit Mahadewa tourist destination also provides an interesting spot to enjoy the hills and plantations around the hill.

The name is hill, then the terrain that there is most likely is always uphill. You should prepare energy and equipment for short trekking to get to this Bondowoso tourist destination.

Wurung Crater

Location: Margahayu, Kalianyar, Sempol, Bondowoso Regency, East Java 68288

Exploring Bondowoso would not be complete without visiting Wurung Crater. Bondowoso tourist destination this one is savannah hills with a latif view. With many dense and green trees, hills and meadows, you will never forget the experience of visiting this one caldera and certainly must enter your next visit list!

Labeng Seng

Location: Macan Bulk, Kalianyar Village, Sempol District, Bondowoso Regency

Labeng Seng is a tourist destination in Bondowoso in the form of a weed crater located in the middle of green hills. The name Labang Seng is produce from the Madura language which means ‘Pintu Seng’. The naming is because in the past this crater was covere by landscapes in the form of green hills. In fact, this lush wee crater can be calle a hidden global paradise. To get to the tour in Bondowoso which is still in the same area using Mount Ranti, you need to travel a distance of 64 km from the center of Bondowoso City and then continue the climbing journey for 30 min.

Batu Susun Solor

Location: Solor Village, Cermee District, Bondowos Regency

Bondowoso’s next tourist inspiration is Batu Susun Solor, which is a very unique natural reality. Batu Susun Solor is a combination of rocks that are very similar to using the tourist destination of Stonehenge in Great Britain.

Other similarities are also evident with the landscape. Solor Stacking Stone which is a natural rock arrange in the middle of green hills and shows a very graceful scenery. The location itself is in Solor Village, Cermee District, Bondowoso.

Jabal Kirmit Hill

Location: Jampit Village, Sempol District, Bondowoso Regency

Another Bondowoso tourist destination inspiration is Jabal Kirmit Hill. This tourist destination has a relatively beautiful popularity among tourists, not only because of its good management, but also because of the natural shape of the green hill.

The charm of Jabal Kirmit Hill also does not stop only there, after being satisfie to enjoy the vast green fields and majestic hills, you can also see some of the farms around this hill, which are popular of course are horse and deer farms.

If your journey around this hill is too tiring. Jabal Kirmit Hill also provides the option of a staying site through the Jampit Guest House next to it. So that you can recharge your energy after exploring the entirety of Jabal Kirmit Hill.

Ijen Crater

Location: Kalianyar Village, Ijen District, Bondowoso Regency

Ijen Crater may be the fault of one bondowoso tourist destination that is very popular with tourists. In fact, not infrequently local. And international tourists want to visit this caldera because of its phenomenal blue fire or blue fire. Misconceptions about Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi are certainly wrong because Ijen Crater is actually geographically on the border between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi.

However, regardless of the debate about the geographical location of Ijen Crater. This tourist destination should not be misse by anyone because once again. The blue fire that there are only a few in the global.

Pyramid Peak

Location: Renggano, Curahpoh, Curah Dami, Bondowoso Regency, East Java 68251

Not only in Egypt, but Bondowoso also has pyramids. But a little out of sync, the pyramids found in Bondowoso are zenit-shape or more familiar using the name Pyramid Peak. At this peak, you can feel your own satisfaction because of the latif scenery base on the landscape in Bondowoso. In addition to of course resulting in the Pyramid Peak as one of the photos that deserve to enter your Instagram page.

New Sampean Dam

Location: Tapen Village, Pandak, Klabang, Bondowoso Regency

Usually the dam has the function of being a contrarian of the rate of water. But the New Sampean Dam is one of the tours in Bondowoso. The dam, which has been built since 1979, is claime to be a dam using magnificent construction. Because the access Bondowoso ladder is built in the middle of a cliff fille with trees. The dam uses a total area of 9,800 hectares is 26 m high and is surrounde by rivers, lakes, and valleys.

So, poly visitors who chase sunrise or shipwreck in the area around this latif dam. In addition to of course as a beautiful photo spot. Sampean Baru Dam also provides benefits to the people of Bondowoso because it becomes a water supplier for them. In order for the water genre to be evenly distribute. The New Sampean Dam has a water breaker, which of course can be your photo spot. From the center of Bondowoso Regency, you need approximately 45 minutes to reach this beautiful dam.

Blawan Hot Spring bath

Location: Rengahrejo, Kalianyar, Sempol District, Bondowoso Regency

This waterfall is locate adjacent to the Blawan Hot Spring bath. So this waterfall is downstream from the seepage of Ijen Crater. Unlike using waterfalls generally with clean water, the water at Blawan Waterfall is yellow because it contains sulfur.

If you have heard folklore about Damar Wulan, of course you have been unfamiliar with this waterfall. This Bondowoso tourist destination is said to be a site as soon as Damar Wulan will fight his opponent. Another attraction according to tourism in Bondowoso is that the estuary of this waterfall flows into the ground and later ends in the Situbondo region.

In addition, this waterfall is locate in the coffee plantation area. So that visitors can enjoy the aroma of coffee when the latest issue of harvest. The location of this waterfall you can visit using driving as far as approximately 40 km from the center of Bondowoso City.

Mount Argopuro

Location: Jember, Bondowoso, Situbondo, Probolinggo, Lumajang

The mountains use the highest peak called Mount Argopuro has an altitude of three,008 meters above sea level. As one of the tours in Bondowoso, this mountain range becomes the primary destination for visitors using mountain attractions. With the high interest of tourists to visit the Hyang Mountains. The local government has provide easy access to the road to these mountains that can be reache by car and motorcycle.

Some bondowoso tourist destinations on top are able as your money to explore this mini city in East Java. Moreover, its close location using Banyuwangi, Malang. To Bali opens up opportunities for you to do a road trip directly to many tourist sites in East Java and Bali.

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