The Most Unique Tourist Destinations in the Mainstream World

The Most Unique Tourist Destinations in the World – if we talk about the beauty Indonesia of tourist destinations in the world, then there will be no end. There is a sweet poly spot to spend vacation time that is guaranteed to make you feel at home. However, if you visit that tourist spot that alone will feel very boring.

In determining the tourist site, of course there are several things that are considered. In addition to aesthetics, you definitely want to try something new and unique, right? Yup, an adventure to the most unique & anti-mainstream tourist attractions will be as a new experience and may not be forgotten.

The Most Unique Tourist Destinations in the Mainstream World

For that, you must know some of the most unique tourist destinations in the world that are anti-mainstream and you can visit. What are some of them? Here are the recommendations of the 10 most unique tourist destinations in the anti-mainstream global that must be visite!

Bubblegum Alley San Luis Obispo

Location : 733 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, California, CA 93401, United States

As the name implies, this one tour is very anti-mainstream, this site is fille with colore chewing gum. Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California, Unite States is a hallway with a height of 4.6 meters and a length of 21 meters that is full using a patch of gum. No one understands how the history of Bubblegum alley began. Who starte the first sticking is not clearly known.

Some say this tradition began after World War II during the graduation ceremony of San Luis Obispo High School. There are also those who say that Bubblegum Alley is the result of competition between San Luis Obispo High School using Car Poly University, in the 1950s who thought that this San Luis Obispo protégé trie to surpass them in making a wall of gum, base on this subtle competition finally create this chewing gum hall.

When imagine, maybe the taste is disgusting huh. Even so, this unique tourist destination is still crowde with tourists, you know. If you are intereste in visiting this anti-mainstream tour?

Geothermal energy

Location : Country Road 34, Gerlach, Nevada, NV 89412, United States

Geothermal energy is crucial for humans. So, no wonder many countries are competing – the race to find geothermal alternatives. One of them is geothermal energy. Speaking of geothermal energy, there is one interesting thing in Washoe County, Nevada, America. In 1964, in Nevada there was a well excavation to explore the origin of geothermal energy. However, when all excavations have been complete and the well will be close, it sprays minerals continuously. These mineral bursts eventually accumulate and settle as the travertine mounds continue to expand. It was this mound that create Fly Ranch Geyser.

So unique because the water burst contains high minerals, finally many algae that grow and secrete pigments – hue pigments. Because of its beauty, this location is not uncommon to visit tourists and as a unique anti-mainstream tourist destination. Unfortunately, Fly Ranch Geyser is not open to the public because it goes to todd Jacksick’s property. So to enjoy it, visitors can see from a long pause, because the surroundings are covere with barbe fences and locke gates. But if you want to take a closer look, tourists are require to pay $ 50 or around Rp670,000.

Lake Hillier

Location : Middle Island Recherche, Goldfields, Western Australia

If usually a lake has a green or dark blue color, in Australia there is a lake that is very unique because it has a different hue according to the usual deep lake. Lake Hillier is a saline lake locate on the Recherche Islands in the Goldfields – Esperance area, precisely on Middle Island, Australia.

The uniqueness of Lake Hillier that steals the most attention is the color of the water that is red young, making it a unique lake tour. According to scientists, the red hue of the lake is forme naturally base on various microorganisms and thousands of bacteria that live on it. Lake Hillier was discovere by an English navigator and hydrogafer name Matthew Finders on January 15, 1802.

Lake Hillier is always crowde with tourists who visit through Perth. To get to Lake Hillier can only be reache by air or sailing from Esperance which is 720 kilometers southeast of Perth. After arriving at Middle Island, tourists are still oblige to walk as far as 600 meters to reach the shores of Lake Hillier. The view of green trees and various wildlife found on Middle Island will give a different feel and make the trip feel boring.

The Czech Republic

Location : Czermna district of Kudowa, Czechoslovakia

If you are on vacation in Czechoslovakia or commonly calle the Czech Republic, you will find a latif building that has a European Gothic style with the latest elements. The Czech Republic also provides beautiful natural scenery, using the rivers that divide the city until the night latif spoils the eye.

But there is one church that is use as a unique and anti-mainstream tourist site, the church was name Bone Church name Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora. This church is not an ordinary church, it was decorate with 40,000 human bones. According to the story, in the 13th century, Abbas Hendy, a monastery there brought a land from the holy church of Golgotha to Jerusalem where Jesus was on the cross and sprinkle the ‘holy land’ along the cemetery in the church earlier. From then on, everyone flocke to be burie there.

In 1870, Frantisek Rindt, a woodcarver was commissione to organize how these bones were arrange neatly and artistically in the Kutna Hora church. The results of his work compiling 40,000 bones of this human being you can see directly in the Kutna Hora Church directly, you know. It’s a very anti-mainstream tourist destination, isn’t it?

Bioluminescent Bay (Bahía Bioluminiscente)

Location : 158 Calle Flamboyan, Vieques, 00765, Puerto Rico

Not only unique and anti-mainstream, but this one destination is also fascinating. Most beach tours are indeed very latif when enjoye during the day. However, for this beach is very unique. Locate in Puerto Rico, Bioluminescent Bay is one of the beaches that will be very beautiful when you visit at night. The best way to enjoy the reality of Bioluminescence is to kayak. The bluish light emitte by the dinoflagellates (marine organisms), makes this beach a mistake one of the favorite destinations of tourists.

If you intend to visit the tour earlier, the three beaches that must be visite are Mosquito Bay. Laguna Grande (or known as bio bay), & La Parguera.


Location : 2151 Co Road, Alliance, NE 69301, United States

England is famous for its mysterious monument name Stonehenge. Well, the United States is not to be outdone. Andmake its monument using a pile of use four-wheele vehicles, name Carhenge. Locate in Alliance, Nebraska, the monument was forme by artist Jim Reinders for his late father who die in 1982. Because of his admiration for Stonehenge, Jim Reinders was inspire to create such a building. But use a pile of 28 classic American four-wheele vehicles.

This unique anti-mainstream tourist destination should not be misse. If you are an art lover at this time or if you are a fan of four-wheele vehicles. If you love modern art, you will appreciate this unique masterpiece. But, if you are a fan of vintage cars, you will love the use of cars in this monument.

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