Visit, Tour in The Latest and Enchanting Demak

The latest tours in Demak with natural destinations to the charm of the enchanting sea are ready to pamper your holiday activities. Many tourist attractions are again hits and are going viral that are suitable for accompanying weekend activities and long holidays with their beloved family.

Not only that, the city full of the history of Islamic civilization in the archipelago also presents religious tourist destinations. As the mayor’s city, Demak Regency is always crowde with tourists who want to make a pilgrimage to eat sunan-sunan. There are not many picnic spots in Demak like other cities or places.

But make no mistake if the vacation spot in Demak presents a difference in anti-mainstream meanings that are ready to realize exciting activities. Vacation in Demak but confused about where to go? Don’t worry, you can check out this one tourist article to the end to accompany a vacation trip in Demak Regency, Central Java. Here’s a list of the latest tours in Demak that are hits and recommended for a vacation with your beloved family:

Visit, Tour in The Latest and Enchanting Demak

1. Hok Tek Bio Temple

Exploring the city of Demak, then you must travel religiously and culturally. One of them is by visiting the Hok Tek Bio Shrine which has this red ornament. This shrine is actually one of the places of worship of confucian people in Demak. Although it is thick with Javanese culture and customs, but this place also has many people who adhere to the Confucian religion.

For this reason, this place of worship, which has a very distinctive Chinese-style shape, began to be use as a tourist attraction. Moreover, the founder and also the elders in the Shrine did not mind if this place of worship was open to the public. However, during ceremonies and exclusive days, this shrine will usually be specially use for worship.

2. Brown Canyon

Traveling to this one area will certainly not make you bored. The reason is, there are many tourist attractions that can be explore. One of them is Brown Canyon. For those of you who want to see the beauty of the Grand Canyon in America, then you can see the Brown Canyon first when you are in Demak. In order, you can find it close enough, there is no need to go far to uncle Sam’s country.

3. Morodemak Beach

Not only offering cultural tourism, Demak also has very beautiful natural tourist destinations. Therefore, it would be a shame for you to just miss it. The reason is, the aesthetics of Morodemak beach is very time for those of you who miss the tone of the waves. It has a location that is quite close to the city center, making this one place crowded with tourists for weekends.

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Not only the beach, in this destination, you will also find mangrove forests that are spread wide. For that, for those of you who have a hobby of fishing, this one location is very temporary for you to spend time. You need to know, many residents who are on the beach have a profession as fishermen. This is because Morodemak beach is one of the Coastal Fishing Ports in Demak Regency.

Well, those are some important reviews that discuss about tourism in Demak, don’t forget to visit if you are in Kabuaten Demak and thank you.

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