Best Must-Visit Attractions in Pati

Pati is one of the regencies in Central Java that may still not be as popular as several other places in Indonesia. Even so, it turns out that Pati is a place that has countless interesting tourist attractions which are certainly very suitable for traveling destinations. Well, therefore, on this occasion we will discuss about tours in Pati that need to be visite during holidays.

Not only that, the location of Pati is also directly adjacent to the Javanese Maritime Sea in order to make Pati have several beach attractions that can be visite while in Pati. Not only that, Pati also has a variety of religious and historical tours in order to increase the insight of tourists who vacation in Pati. Of course, the various best places to tour in Pati are not inferior to other regions in Indonesia so that you don’t need to hesitate to travel to Pati.

Best Must-Visit Attractions in Pati

For those of you who love traveling, you may experience confusion in the past to determine exciting traveling destinations that have not been visite before. But there is no need to worry because Pati offers a variety of the best tourist attractions that will certainly be endless to explore.

Of course, the various tourist attractions in Pati make you feel the sensation of a vacation that you haven’t found anywhere else. Well, for those of you who are intereste in traveling in Pati during your vacation, then the following will be given a list of tourist attractions that you can visit:

1. Banyutowo Beach

This tourist attraction in Pati is bordere by Jepara Regency and is not far from tourist attractions in Jepara. This beach offers an aesthetic in the form of blue sea water and also a stretch of sand on the coastline that seems to stretch wide.

Not only that, on this beach there is also a fishing boat pier that can give additional differences in different meanings. From a distance, there is a reflection of the shadows of the ship on the water at dusk which can enhance the painting of the scenery even more charming.

The situation of Banyutowo Beach, which is very stunning, is usually use as a family picnic location. Even this beach is also use as a location for water alms rituals that are routinely held. Uniquely Banyutowo Beach is also referre to as Soimah Beach because it was on this beach that Soimah artists grew up so that the local people calle it Soimah Beach.

2. Simpang Lima Pati Square

Coming to a place is not complete if you don’t visit Simpang Lima Pati Square. This square is indee very unique because until now it still continues to maintain the form that was once held since ancient times. In the northern part of the square there is the government office of Pati Regency, the eastern part of it is a market. Central to the western part of the square is the Great Mosque of Baitunnur.

Simpang Lima Pati Square is usually use as a hangout place for young people because of its very strategic location to visit. Moreover, in this square area, music concerts are often held because the location of the square is indee very large.

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At night the condition of the square is even more festive with the presence of colorful lights installe to decorate the square. Usually around the square there are also sellers of various types of food that can be enjoye while relaxing.

Well, those are some reviews about tourism in Pati if you are in Central Java, don’t forget to visit several places in certainly very exciting and thank you.

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