Tours in Pekalongan that Are Again Hits, Very Suitable to Visit

If you hear the nickname pekalongan city, surely what you will remember is the batik. Yes, Pekalongan is indeed very synonymous with batik. But, not only synonymous with the richness of batik culture, Tours in Pekalongan that Are Again Hits are also many.

In Pekalongan City, there are many tourist destinations that you can visit. You can visit a variety of tourist attractions with various uniqueness and characteristics, either with friends, relatives, or family. Here are the places of Tours in Pekalongan that Are Again Hits so it is perfect for you to visit:

Tours in Pekalongan that Are Again Hits, Very Suitable to Visit

1. Batik Tourism

Pekalongan is indeed synonymous with batik, so here you will also find the batik museum.  By coming to this museum, you can enrich your knowledge related to batik in Indonesia.

In this museum there are hundreds of types of batik with various patterns, both antique batik and modern batik. To enter the museum, you don’t need to worry because there is an entrance ticket, and the museum entrance fee is quite cheap.

2. Depok Beach

This tourist attraction is the most suitable place for you to travel with your family. Not only the entrance ticket is cheap, this area also has a beautiful view with overgrown green trees around the beach.  The waves of Depok Beach are not too big, so you can play in the water or sand. Nyiur trees do not just add beauty can also be used as a shelter.

3. Watu Ireng Tourism

This tour is in Kandang Serang, and the place is on a hill with an area of about 2 hectares. On the hill there are many large black stones, and on the top of the hill also grow shrubs that if you step on it will sound dung-dung like a gong tone.

In this one tourist spot there are many myths circulating about watu ireng. And he said, on the top of the hill is the mouth of the cave that opens with the bottom of the hill and inside is a set of gamelan and also antique troops. Watu ireng is also often used for meditation.

4. Pasir Kencana Beach

Pasir Kencana Beach is a beach that has clean white sand.  There are so many activities that you can do there such as swimming and seeing monthly performances.

But the favorite activity in this place is to enjoy the sunset or sunset from the bridge of love. If you want to come to this beach, you need to take approximately 20 minutes from Pekalongan.

5. Curug Bajing

One of the natural tourist attractions in Pekalongan is curug bajing, uniquely unnamed? This waterfall is located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, so the atmosphere there is very cool and fresh. The waterfall water with a height of 70 meters also flows very fast, you will certainly feel very comfortable here.

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You will hear the melodious gurgling tone of the water and it will certainly add a sense of comfort when you hear it. Curug, which is located in Petungkriyono District, you can enjoy it by walking approximately 300 meters. Those are some of the hit tourist attractions in Pekalongan. To add to your travel experience, there is nothing wrong with stopping by. A unique and beautiful place, will make your journey impressive. Happy visiting!

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