Let’s Visit Trenggalek Tourist Attractions that Are Again Hits

Indonesia as a maritime country has natural wealth in the form of charming beaches and nautical. One of the places that has maritime exoticism is Trenggalek Regency, where part of this area is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. For that, don’t miss it if you visit Tranggalek because there are Trenggalek tourist attractions that you must visit.

Therefore, the regency which is located in the western part of Java Island is famous as an interesting tourist destination because there are many amazing beaches. Not only that, it is also rich in other natural tourism potentials that are no less beautiful, such as hills, waterfalls, to natural caves. Here are 4 recommendations for Trenggalek tourist attractions, which you can use as a reference for an exciting and unforgettable vacation. Check out the full review below.

Let’s Visit Trenggalek Tourist Attractions that Are Again Hits

1. Cengkrong Mangrove Forest

This tourist attraction is also located in Watulimo District. Cengkrong Mangrove Forest offers natural tourism and educational tours with a beautiful mangrove forest ecosystem. There are many mangrove plants that not only have the use of beauty but also play an important role in defending the environment from abrasion.

You can walk along a wooden bridge built between mangrove trees. You can also rent a boat if you want to explore the river while getting to know the plants and animals that live there. In this place there is a gazebo and a house at the end of the bridge to take pictures and relax after you are tired of exploring.

2. White Sand Beach

If you want to visit the beach with an ideal view in the form of charming white sand, waving along the coastline, blue nautical panoramas and mountains in the distance, all those aesthetics are naturally present in the White Sand Beach which is included in the Watulimo District area.

You can do a variety of fun in this place, such as playing white and soft sand, swimming on a beach with calm waves, sailing around the beach, or just taking place on the shoreline. Here there are also inns and stalls that have been provided with a variety of dishes.

3. Damas Beach

Damas Beach presents a panoramic view of the beach that is still natural and beautiful. The coastline of approximately 2 km with green trees along the coast will have an impact of relaxation and tranquility. You can enjoy the beach breeze and the soft sand while taking a walk on the coast.

Visitor facilities located at Damas Beach are complete. You can do various activities such as swimming, fishing, playing volleyball, playing sand, and so on. Not only that, there are community boats ready to take you around the beach.

4. Prigi Beach

The exoticism of the enchanting beach combined with the panoramic view of the mountains in the distance is the natural aesthetic that Prigi Beach presents. The beach, which is located in Watulimo District, accesses the south coast, but the waves are not very large like the waves of other south coasts.

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At Prigi Beach you can take a walk while hunting for the best photo spots or try specialties. Not only that, there are also camping grounds, tennis courts and other facilities. You can also rent a boat provided if you want to enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Well, those are some important reviews that discuss trenggalek tourist attractions if you are in Tranggalek Regency, don’t forget to visit with your family while relieving fatigue and gratitude.

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