Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls, Being in Two Places at the Same Time

Administratively located in two regencies, the Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls is the Niagara Falls look alike. Not to mention that the waterfalls are noticeably like a wide curtain. Not to mention, many believed that the waterfalls have the best view out of any other waterfalls in Indonesia. 

To enjoy this beauty, you can either come from Malang or Lumajang. From Malang, you have to come to Malang Regency, in Dusun Jagalan, Sidorenggo Village, Ampelgading. Then, if you come from Lumajang, just come to Sidomulyo Village, Kecamatan Pronojiwo, Lumajang Regency.

How Much It Cost

To enter the Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls area, you have to pay 10 thousand rupiahs for locals and 20 thousand rupiahs for foreigners as the entrance fee. Also, if you get there by drive or ride, you have to pay a parking ticket of 5 thousand rupiahs for a motorbike and 10 thousand rupiahs for a car.

The entrance fee is for all age ranges because there is no difference between adults and kids. But the bright side is that the fee is still the same even if you come at the weekend or even during the holidays. Furthermore, this destination has long operational hours, from 7 am to 5 pm every day. 

The Attractive Side of Tumpak Sewu

Like any other destination in Indonesia, people love to come to Tumpak Sewu because it has numerous attractive sides. Here they are:

1. Located in the Heart of a Jungle

Although getting to the place is a bit tiring, coming to the waterfalls is the best way to escape from reality. Because the place is located in the heart of a jungle. Therefore, once you get to the gate, you will be surrounded by the green trees and the shooting white noise of the birds.

2. Get the Beauty in a Sight

One thing people often hesitate when visiting something natural is because it is tiring. Thus, people with difficulties or having medical problems, often avoid it. But in Tumpak Sewu, you do not have to walk far to get to the beauty. Practically, it is only 400 meters from the parking lot to the viewpoint and takes all the gorgeous scenery of Tumpak Sewu. 

3. Getting Sporty by Trekking

You feel strong enough and are not satisfied with only seeing from the viewpoint, then be our guest and get ready to trek. Because you can get down by trekking the cliff to reach the valley. But make sure that you are physically strong to do the sport. Because the difficulty level is high and the adrenaline rush is no joke. 

4. The Sight of Small Waterfalls

Not only seeing Tumpak Sewu, but in this place, you will also get the sight of small waterfalls in the near distance. Also, the estuary-pond of these small waterfalls has clear water with high visibility levels, even when you are diving. 

5. The Angels’ Cave

If you think that a cave behind a waterfall only appears in Disney movies, then you are wrong. Because in Tumpak Sewu, you will believe that the movies get their inspiration from reality. Most people who visit the cave usually have their beliefs. But if you do not and only come to see the beauty, then you are also welcome. 

Those are the attractive side of the Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls. Thus, if you happen to be in Malang or Lumajang, take your time and come to visit the place. 

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