Visiting Karimunjawa Islands, the Hidden Gem in Java

If you’re looking for a short getaway from the busy city of Indonesia, then try visiting Karimunjawa. This is one of the islands in Karimunjawa islands that has become a popular tourist destination in Java. One of the reasons why this destination is so popular is because of its beautiful beach and great activities! So, what can visitors expect when they come here?

Karimunjawa islands or more popular as Karimunjawa is an archipelago of the islands in Semarang and Central Java. There are around 27 islands around, however, the main islands are Karimun and Kemujan. These islands are quite the same, however, Karimunjawa has become more popular and visited by local and international tourists.

Best Way to Get to Karimunjawa

There are three options on how to get to Karimunjawa. If you are on a budget, then you must get to Jepara first. To get there, you can ride a bus or train from big cities such as Surabaya and Jakarta. Then continue your journey by riding a ferry from Jepara to Karimunjawa. Even though the trip will take around 6 hours, this option is the cheapest one compared to the others, as it only costs around Rp 75.00o.

For those on a mid-range budget, then the second option you can choose is to ride a fast ferry from Jepara or Kartini. This option is better because the total sail only takes around 2 hours, depending on the weather. As for the price, the tickets cost around Rp 150.000 per person. However, note that tickets for the slow or fast ferry can’t be pre-booked. Therefore, if you want to choose these options, make sure to buy one early on that day.

Last, if you have no budget, then it is better to catch a flight from Surabaya to Jepara. The tickets normally cost around Rp 300.000 and it will take around 30-45 minutes only. However, remember that the flights are only available on Tuesday and Thursday.

Things to Do at Karimunjawa Islands

There are plenty of activities that you can do when you arrive on the island. Other than sunbathing and swimming, here are some fun activities that you can do:

  • Seeing other islands: As Karimunjawa islands have many islands, try seeking other islands that are near Karimunjawa.
  • Explore the Underwater World: Snorkeling is a must when you come to Karimunjawa. If you can’t snorkel, then rent a life jacket to help.
  • Swim with sharks: Try swimming with sharks on Menjangan Besar Island. On this island, there is a small pool that contains blacktip reef sharks.
  • Seeing cute dolphins: Chase and capture the moments of cute dolphins swimming in groups in Menjangan Kecil Island and Cemara Kecil Island.

Ticket Price

Entering Karimunjawa is free of price, both for local and international tourists. However, if you plan to enter the tourist attractions inside, then you’ll have to pay an additional price. Normally the attractions on the island cost around Rp 5.000 to Rp 300.000 depending on the activity.

So, if you’re looking for a hidden gem in Java, then Karimunjawa Islands is surely one of the answers. On this island, you won’t only enjoy the calm atmosphere but also the exciting activities that you can’t do in the cities.

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