Visiting Pangandaran Beach Indonesia, The Hidden Gem in West Java

Pangandaran Beach Indonesia is one of the many beaches that Indonesia. Compared to other beaches, especially the ones in Bali, this beach is not as famous or crowded. However, if you’re looking for a short getaway from the crowded city of Bandung, then this beach can be a great option.

Location & Ways to Get There

The beach is in the village of Pananjung District, West Java. From Ciami, the beach is around 92 km away, however, if you are from Bandung the distance is 210 km away. Even though it is quite far from Bandung, there are plenty of ways to get to this beach.

Most people from Bandung prefer to go on a road trip to Pangandaran as it is only 210 km away. If you are one of those people, then use the toll that heads to Cileunyi. Once you reach Banjar, you will start going on small roads. However, don’t worry about the directions as many signs will direct you to the beach.

Another option you can try if you are coming from Bandung or Jakarta is by train. Riding a train from Bandung will lead to Banjar station. The distance from the station to the beach is around 50 km. Then from here, rent a car or a minibus that will drive you to the beach.

The last way to get to the beach is by plane. Pangandaran has a small airport that people know as Nusawiru. From here, you’ll have to go by land to the beach which is around 25 km away.

Things to Enjoy at Pangandran Beach

Even though this beach is not as popular as beaches in Bali, there are many things to enjoy on this beach. To make sure you have fun, here are some activities that you can do:

  • Water Sport : Get some fun by doing some water sports with your friends and families. On this beach, there are plenty of water sports you can do such as a banana boat to swimming.
  • Snorkeling : If you want to see underwater life, then go snorkeling with a local tour guide. Go to the west coast of the beach to see and interact with the marine life.
  • Go to Pondok Seni : Not like other beaches, Pangandaran has Pondok Seni that shows arts and culture from the locals. You’ll not only learn about the tradition here but also get to see traditional art performances.

Admission to the Beach

To enter the beach each person must pay Rp 3.000. If you bring a vehicle, then there will also be a parking fee that you’ll have to pay. Motorcycles cost Rp 7.000, whereas cars and buses cost from Rp 28.000 to Rp 120.000 depending on the size.

If you want to enjoy snorkeling and water sport, you’ll also have to pay an extra fee. The price is different for each activity, however, they normally cost around Rp 200.000 per person.
So, if you are tired of the busy city of Bandung, then take a rest and make a quick gate away to Pangandaran Beach Indonesia. As the distance is not too far, you’ll reach the beach around 6-7 hours only.

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